After all this time, I stand by my thought that there are few harder decisions in life than what to pick from a menu. I am by no means a food critic – I am merely, what I like to call it, a ‘professional eater’. I will only try food that I myself find appetising, and for this reason I have a tendency to often re-visit my favourite establishments rather than trying somewhere new.

I have in here many restaurants that I repeatedly go to, as well as some cafes that I’ve frequented so often my coffee order is remembered, and bars where I not only enjoy their tipples available, but that I enjoy going to when they’re quiet to sit at the bar itself and chat with the barman. Some of the most intriguing conversations in my life have been conducted in this way.

Maybe one day you might spot me at one of these places, sipping on a sauv blanc whilst giggling at a comment a girlfriend has made or slowly savouring a sweet delicacy on my own.

I invite you to visit these venues and explore your own tastes – enjoy 🙂 x


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  1. Maggie says:

    I’m so proud of you cath! This blog looks amazing, glad to see you’re turning your dreams to reality 🙂 ps you need to make some of your yummy desserts for me :p

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