The Glutton’s Foodie Companions


The sweeter version of a brownie, Blondie hails back to CG’s high school years. Blondie is a coeliac, and finding gluten-free recipes and restaurants is always filled with challenge, although becoming easier as awareness of coeliac disease is now becoming more widespread. Baking is always a drama when experimenting with gluten-free substitutions. Blondie dreams of sourdough baguettes being coeliac-friendly.

Brother Bear

“Bear” comes from a discussion at work about what each person’s “spirit animals” would be – and with CG’s being a puma, two carnivores with significant appetites need to stick together. Brother Bear makes no secret of his love for food, whether fine dining or pub grub, and is always more than happy to try new places with CG. A jovial person by nature, he makes for excellent company over a cider or three.

The Chemist

CG and The Chemist met about eight or so years ago via mutual friends and connected instantly thanks to their mutual love of antihistamines. He’s a pharmacist by trade (hence the name), and CG will hit him up whenever in need. The Chemist loves his burgers and is always willing to catch up with CG over an un-healthy meal or two, before hitting the gym hard the next day.

Dancing Queen

As some know, CG is an avid fan of Zumba Fitness and it was through Zumba that she met the woman that she hails as Dancing Queen. Dancing Queen is now also a Zumba Instructor. A
woman who loves it spicy, her favourite food is Bangladeshi curries, or healthy, fresh food well-seasoned with herbs. But she does have a soft spot for CG’s Nutella Banana Breads and is on the search for Sydney’s best cheeseburger.

Kulinary Adventures of Kath

CG noticed her as another regular on her bus from university on certain days and one early morning in a law tutorial, happened to notice her sitting right beside her! They have struck up a firm friendship over an admiration for petite, refined sweets like macarons and high tea. Kath loves to bake at home (if she could bake everyday she would), with her fail-safe recipes being pavlova (grandma’s recipe) and cupcakes, and you can follow her Instagram account @kulinaryadventuresofkath or cruise onto her website.

Lara Croft

A girlfriend from CG’s high school years, Lara Croft does actually like the idea of breaking into tombs (archaeology and ancient history lover). She appreciates both the fine dining and simple food scenes. Her last meal choice would be something homely; a toss up between macaroni and cheese or garlic prawns. CG cannot comprehend Lara Croft’s hate of mangoes, but at least she understands and shares Lara Croft’s love of pretty dresses, classy lingerie and sexy heels.

Night Owl

Not a morning person, Night Owl is the most recent addition to CG’s selection of dining companions. Bartender by night, legal volunteer by day, she’s one hell of a sassy, sexy lady with an appetite for new experiences and willingness to experience new tastes. She favours whisky, Old Fashioneds and Negronis, and holds a bit of a soft spot for a good tiramisu. She constantly (and uselessly) complains about CG always feeding her.

Persian Princess

A lady that is fashion and style personified, Persian Princess & CG met through their first place of unlikely employment: Luna Park. Since then, Persian Princess and CG discovered they attended the same law school (although in different years), and catch up for girly gossip and laughter over quality food – both enjoying the wine bar scene and bar bistros. Persian Princess hates eggs, but funnily enough, loves eggplant.

  The Sister

BeFunky_IMG_6293.jpgCG originally could not understand how they were possibly related, due to The Sister saying ‘Eating is so exhausting. I wish I could just have liquid food pumped into me via a tube.’ You will be glad to hear that since then The Sister’s palate has been reformed, thanks to the Sister’s boyfriend husband who loves food and cooking as much as CG. The Sister now understands CG to a degree that for CG’s last birthday, the question was not ‘What do you want for your birthday?’, rather, ‘Where do you want to go for lunch for your birthday?’ The Sister is also CG’s primary guinea pig when it comes to testing the results of a new recipe.

The Parents

The Mum is the reason why CG rarely eats Chinese food out – because there is so much of it at home! The Mum has been more than willing to share her recipes with CG, who notes them down but always ends up baking instead. Mum does it better anyway. CG is still trying to educate The Mum’s palate, a woman who is adamant that food court sushi is far superior to that of a reputable sushi bar. Unfortunately CG doesn’t do many reviews with The Parents, as both have strict dietary requirements for health reasons.

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