The Glutton Herself

BeFunky_IMG_3112.jpgWelcome to Confessions of a Glutton! My name is Cath Chen and I currently reside in the Northern Suburbs of the delightful city that is Sydney, Australia. I’m a lawyer, Zumba Fitness instructor and a self-proclaimed “foodie”.

The name of the blog is me in essence. Glutton= me! While I’ve lost some of my old excess kilos, my crazed lust for food has not waned; my eyes are always bigger than my stomach! I also have a big mouth… fact (my wisdom teeth have come out and not hurt my jaw in the slightest). I have an obsession when it comes to sweet things, particularly French macarons and salted caramel, but also can’t get enough of ramen, aburi salmon and potatoes (in any shape or form). I absolutely loathe celery and coriander.

My philosophy is that as we are required to eat to sustain our bodies and survive, that we should take as much enjoyment as is possible from this everyday activity. Eating is in fact, one of the few activities we partake in that engages all of our five senses. There are few things finer in life than the moment of unfolding that first slice of a freshly baked baguette, or the winding down of a busy week with frie nds over a selection of tapas and a glass of shiraz.12009601_10154253734694899_5556977559440454695_n

As much as I love rare ingredients as any foodie, I believe that home cooking should be done with simple, easily-sourced ingredients. Therefore, for all of the recipes in this blog, you should be able to pick up all the ingredients from your local supermarket (maybe a gourmet one sometimes). I don’t use any complex equipment in my kitchen, but the three things I rely on the most are:

1. My electronic kitchen scales (you won’t believe how much easier my life has become after a set);

2. My handheld mixer (you’re less likely to over whip things with a handheld one); and

3. My senses – sight, taste, smells, sounds and touch. Cooking and eating is more than a process to keep ourselves alive – it is always an experience. Taste is 80% what you smell; next time you’re having a glass of wine, pinch your nose and taste it. You will feel the tang and acidity on your tastebuds, but not taste the floral and fruity flavours until you take another sip with your nose open.

20140507_225306Photos are taken depending on what I have on me at the time; whether that be my Canon 100D, compact Canon IXUS130 or my iPhone 5S. Everything – writing, recipes, and photos – is my own work unless otherwise referred to. Please do not re-blog or duplicate any original recipes and/or copy my photos without my permission.

For restaurants, bars, launch parties or any other food event wanting a foodie review, do please keep in mind that I am always honest. I do not accept any liability for negative consequences as a result of me simply narrating my experience at your establishment. Please click here to view my disclosure policy.


I wear ski goggles when chopping onions. I like to do Nigella Lawson impressions in the kitchen. If you can’t find me in some bistro or cafe in Sydney stuffing myself with macarons and cake, I’ll be at the gym slaving away in a vain attempt to maintain my waistline!

Feel free to email me with feedback or even suggestions of recipes you would like me to try! Xx


28 Comments Add yours

    1. Cath Chen says:

      Wow! Thanks, eclectic faerie 🙂

      1. you’re welcome!

  1. Because I really like your blog, I nominated you for the ‘One Lovely Blog Award’. You can see it here:

    1. Cath Chen says:

      Aw, thank you! 🙂

  2. Hello there, I have nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger award. Love your pics and recipes. Keep up the good work 🙂

    1. Cath says:

      Thank you very much! I shall 🙂

  3. Tina says:

    Hello! I especially liked the bit about complex and over-the-top recipes, so I’m following you! Good luck with studies 😉

    1. Cath says:

      Hey Tina! Haha yeah, not a fan of people who like to over-complicate food. Thanks for the follow – I’ll make sure to keep you entertained! 🙂

  4. Noisy Andrew says:

    Great blog.. You’ve done a wonderful job of your macro Photography!
    Really impressed.

  5. antiussentiment says:

    Oh I get it.. My post was…
    Really lovely maco photography.. I have someone I’d like to try the zucchini patties with. I’ll let you know how they go. You need to ween your self off powdered ginger too, try grating or juicing a fresh knob.. 🙂

    1. Cath says:

      Your previous comment was pending moderation 🙂 And thank you, it is rewarding when the photos turn out well. I’m not sure I could ever grow to like ginger though…

  6. Maggie says:

    I’m so proud of you cath! This blog looks amazing, glad to see you’re turning your dreams to reality ps you need to make some of your yummy desserts for me :p

    1. Cath says:

      Haha heeeya Maggie 😉 good to have you drop by, and thank you – I do put a fair bit of effort into the site! We still need to do dinner soon, definitely when I finish my exams! Xx

  7. OH wow love your blog so much!

  8. Michalina says:

    Absolutely beautiful blog! Love the pictures!

  9. WhiteTrinity says:

    Gorgeous photos! Everything looks temptingly delicious!

  10. escape2find says:

    Your blog looks tasty… I can’t believe I only have a cup noodles for lunch: they look so sad next to the computer with all these photos… perhaps I should stop reading and do some work!..

    1. Haha there’s a time and place for cup noodles; I’ve been guilty more than once of boiling them up late at night!

      1. escape2find says:

        True, they are good as a snack… but as a full blown lunch they make me sad 😦 better lunch today, so all is well with the world though 😀

  11. misha says:

    so i just want to say you might be the most photogenic food blogger i have ever run across. you actually look happy and professional in your photos. my food blog profile picture makes me look like a tired cretin… :*|

    your recipes are great, and i love your attitude. a little bit of whimsical goofiness goes a long way. keep up the awesome work, and i’ll stop in from time to time to see what you are up to.

    1. Haha thanks Misha! Some of the photos were taken at a photography studio called Essence & Flaunt in Sydney, otherwise the rest of the photos are my own work.

      I don’t take myself too seriously, which I believe is the crucial thing! Thanks for dropping by 🙂

  12. Feast Wisely says:

    Love your ‘about me’ – its very similiar to my feast wisely philosophy. I too have eyes that are bigger than my stomach!

  13. Ooh La La Events says:

    It was very lovely meeting you while waiting for our books to be signed by R. Khoo! Thanks again for the photo 🙂

    1. It was lovely to meet you as well! Thank you for all your French restaurant and foodstuff recommendations 🙂

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