Brewtown Cammeray

I let my membership to my last gym lapse as the classes I was going too became overcrowded as they weren’t monitoring the class numbers. Night Owl continued to go to the same gym as she had PT sessions, but let me know that the gym has since halved in size but more than doubled their member numbers, making the gym horribly over-crowded. It’s a safety hazard in my opinion – you don’t just get sweat all over the floor and spraying onto you, but I also remember trying to do a class and mid-burpee I had someone in front of me kick me in the arm.

I’ve been doing a couple of trials of gyms around my area. I was excited to try a mixed martial arts gym, and promptly got intimidated on my first boxing session where the instructor made us do “one legged burpees” and “hand-clap push ups” as a “warm-up.” I did however, learn how to get out of intimidating hand holds in the karate class later in the week. I was intrigued but not sold, so today I visited a different gym in the area to try their morning 6.00am HIIT class. I’ve heard wonderful things about the calorie-burning benefits of High Intensity Interval Training, and considering it’s half an hour I was willing to give it a shot.

10-burpees, 10 hip-sits, 10 push-ups, followed by 30 seconds steady on a bike and 30 seconds high intensity… non-stop for 20 minutes. Suffice it to say that I had sweat pouring off of me and my legs were jelly when I stepped out of class, but it was one of the most rewarding workouts I’ve had in my life and started off my morning right. I also felt slightly ill afterwards, but a long stretch session afterwards helped!

The lower North Shore has a trend of having more yoga studios than trendy cafes, so I was surprised and pleased to hear that Brewtown Coffee Roasters had opened up a cafe in Cammeray, close to the main shops and Stockland Shopping Centre. It’s the perfect spot for a bite of breakfast before doing your fresh fruit and veg groceries over at Harris Farm Markets.

There was ample seating available, which was surprising as a lot of the cafes around the area were almost full. But then again, North-Shore-rs are creatures of habit and don’t like change. I really hope they give this place a go so they know how good it is.


Service is friendly and brisk. The food menu is significantly smaller than the the food menu at their Newtown branch, which makes me wonder if it’s only a soft opening at Cammeray for the moment.

The cappuccino ($3.50) is excellent, as expected.


I eye up the menu and go for the Green Bowl ($16) with avocado, labneh, broccolini, beans, peas and roast almonds with a kefir, mint, kale and almond pesto with a protein boost of smoked salmon ($4.50) on the side. What came out was “hot-smoked” salmon, which I was more than happy with, but not what I had been expecting.



It was wonderfully tasty, light and nutritious, and I loved the nutty contrast of the herb and nut pesto. All the vegetables in the salad had been cut to a good, easy-to-eat size – you won’t believe how hard that is to actually find in a lot of cafes!

I was a little surprised that Night Owl’s Salmon Bagel with smoked salmon, buttered leek, fried capers, poached egg and cream cheese on a wood-fired bagel also arrived with hot-smoked salmon rather than cold salmon as is traditional, but she devoured it nonetheless. The egg was perfectly poached and dribbled all over.


The best part of the morning was discovering that they sold some Brewnuts at the counter…so of course I had to get some takeaway for a late afternoon treat! You can’t visit Brewtown without taking away one of their legendary pastries.


Brewtown Cammeray
459 Miller Street,
Cammeray NSW 2062

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  1. Ngaire says:

    Alas, I did give Newtown Brewton Cammeray a go, but I fear they will disappear as quickly as the previous tennants, The Farm, did, if they don’t seek to understand the difference in the consumer over here. While I enjoyed my coffee, I ordered a babycino for my toddler, and was a little surprised to to pay $2.50 for it! When it arrived with no marshmallow I was fairly quick to politely tell them that I was unhappy paying that much, especially without the thing that kids really want when they order one…my comment was met with a shrug and then they ignored me. With about 70% of Cammeray and surrounding suburbs made up of families with kids, if Newtown Brewtown don’t seek to understand the consumer needs of this area, they may disappear quickly. Remember, this is not Newtown. Good luck guys…you’ll need it!

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