Di Bella @ Baffi and Mo

I used to be one of those people who required a coffee each and every morning to boost myself into gear; but after some time I learned that it was simply the caffeine and the element of routine which kept me going – I never truly appreciated the depth in flavour, the smoky aroma, the smooth near-oiliness of an espresso with a dash of frothed milk.

It was only when I went cold turkey on my morning routine, switching to tea and having coffee as a treat that I began to appreciate it; more so when I started dating someone who lived in the inner west and so had weekend access to the plethora of amazing cafes that respected this liquid gold substance aplenty.

There’s nothing quite like a Sunday sleep-in, particularly after a long Saturday evening had out on the town with good food, good drinks and amazing company. Unfortunately, the combination of copious glasses of good red, whisky sours, and sparkling wine had me feeling a tad on the delicate side, and I was very much looking forward to a good cup of java.

Night Owl and I rolled into Redfern’s Baffi and Mo a little after 2.00pm and wasted no time in making our usual coffee orders. A skim cappuccino ($3.50) for myself and a latte for her ($3.50), while we sat on a pavement-side table and soaked in the quiet of the end of the weekend.


IMG_9317My cap has the perfect texture and amount of froth, the Di Bella coffee beneath lightly smoky and aromatically bitter, lingering nicely on the palate with a smooth finish. I had had most of it by the time our food orders arrived, my Potato Hash Stack ($19.00) with smoked salmon, topped with coleslaw, a perfectly oozy poached egg and asparagus arriving precariously and spectacularly stacked.



The potato hash is a thick patty of shredded sweet potato, crunchy on the outside and still soft on the inside, the green apple coleslaw adding a refreshing element to the dish. Smoked salmon and a runny egg is always a winner.

The eggs were similarly perfect with Night Owl’s Eggs Benedict ($17): hollandaise and smoked salmon on a sliced and lightly toasted English Muffin.


Sometimes it’s the best when the simple things in life – like poached eggs and coffee – are done well.

Demolishing my stack, I took a stretch and at the same time, took a peek around the corner at the counter and was transfixed at one of the cakes on display – the Hummingbird Cake. It had my name all over it!


With the sweetness of banana and pineapple, the cake was – there’s no way not to say it – deliciously, irresistably moist, the cream cheese frosting not overly sweet. I made a significant dent in the generous slice, while Night Owl conceded defeat, needing a strong and smooth Macchiato ($3.00) to complete her late Sunday lunch.

IMG_9334All G for a Sunday xx
P.S. I’m off to Melbourne for this week; keep a look out on my Facebook and Instagram for photos!

Confessions of a Glutton reviewed Baffi and Mo anonymously – meal funded by Di Bella Coffee

Baffi & Mo Espresso
94 Redfern Street
Redfern NSW 2016
(02) 9690 0877

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  1. chocolatesuze says:

    woah that Hummingbird Cake looks delish! have fun in melbs!

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