Coconut Chia Pudding

“Dairy-free, sugar-free; I think some of them are just a new eating disorder. There’s the ‘I Quit Sugar’ program. And so many people quitting carbs, quitting drinking… It’s ‘I quit’, ‘I quit.’ For me, it’s about a lifestyle choice.”

These were the words voiced by celebrity chef Donna Hay at the end of last week, the famous celebrity chef who has lost three dress sizes through simply exercising more and eating smaller portions. Add to that UK celebrity chef and ex-model Lorraine Pascale, who says that she eats “clean” about 70% of the time..and then churns out decadent recipes like a Mojito Genoese cake.

It’s really quite rough following so many varied foodies on Instagram…one week you see them committing with their paleo “chocolate cakes” and acai bowls, the next they’re gorging on KFC’s new “double” which has two deep-fried chicken fillets sandwiching a hash brown, cheese and bacon *shudders*. I mean, kudos to you if you can live a life on kale smoothies and paleo brownies, but for the average person it simply isn’t realistic…both taste-wise and financially.

I used to be a size 12/14 in my late teens and now I hover between an 8-10 dress size. I try and eat as little overly-processed food as I can and make and bake things often so I don’t get sugar cravings and go out and buy a full-cream chai latte and a slab of banana bread jam-packed full of butter. At least if I bake something myself, I can observe what goes into it and portion it out accordingly. My take on carbs? Bread is a treat for me and potatoes I will eat more occasionally once a week or so (again, the processed rule). Of course I have those days… (hellooooo burgers!!) but I still manage to keep a leash on my self-control.

Healthy-ish, less processed snacks are a little harder. Nuts are always good, but still need to be had in moderation, and of course fruit is always touted by nutritionists but there are cravings that fresh fruit cannot satisfy.

I decided to make these after seeing the “chia pods” sold in the supermarket yoghurt section. I looked up a few recipes online and threw this together. You can use normal milk for this as well if you prefer. Start this recipe the night before and you can enjoy it for breakfast or as a morning/afternoon snack in the office as I do. I love how the chia seeds absorb the liquid to develop this little gel-coating around them; almost the texture of tiny tapioca pearls… and the best thing is is that they don’t get wedged in your teeth!!


You will need:

  • One 250ml jar, with screw lid;
  • 2 tablespoons chia seeds (black or white, doesn’t matter);
  • 2 tablespoons shredded coconut;
  • 90ml light coconut milk;
  • 90ml coconut water;
  • 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon;
  • 1 teaspoon maple syrup;
  • Fresh or frozen fruit, to top.

Add everything into the jar.


Either stir with a spoon to combine (a lot of the seeds will be at the bottom) or screw the lid on tightly and shake.


Screw the lid on and refrigerate overnight. Top with fruit before serving or top with fruit in the morning before you leave for work. I like to add frozen blueberries or raspberries to mine for a bit of tartness, but if you like you can also add freshly chopped apple or pineapple or goodness knows what else. Whatever you like! 😉 xx


3 Comments Add yours

  1. grabyourfork says:

    Love chia seed puddings. And I agree, they’re so easy to make!

  2. I’ve lost 23 kgs in the past ten months, and it’s all come down to better portion sizes and more exercise – the traditional weight loss method! I certainly haven’t cut out chocolate cake, or yummy desserts like this one.

    1. Wow Amanda, that’s amazing! Yeah for people who love food like us, cutting tasty food is definitely not a sustainable way to eat

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