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I like to set some rules for myself. When I eat out, I hold nothing back. Entrees, croquettes, sides of truffle fries, why just have one dessert when you can sample two? This way, I get the most expansive perspective that I can of a restaurant’s menu – what’s good, what’s bad, what’s worth ordering again – all for you, my beloved readers. I think about this sacrifice when I’m at the gym the next day; glasses sliding down my nose, clothes damp with sweat, but I do not regret this binge-eating lifestyle for a second. So my other rule is that on the evenings that I don’t eat out, I eat light, home-cooked meals.

Let’s face it though, there are those occasions when the rules need to be broken. When your week has been so overwhelming that you have forgotten to buy groceries, and the idea of simply lifting a knife from the block mentally exhausts me. Don’t even think about lifting the wok out of the cupboard.

I decided to try the new online ordering service EatNow, which I’ve seen advertised around here and there. 100% free to use, 2500+ local restaurants, instant SMS service, and the flexibility to pay with any of Visa, MasterCard, Amex, PayPal, or old-fashioned cash. What I particularly liked about the service was that you’re able to pre-order for later in the day, and so during a quiet few minutes at work, I had a scout online and found three restaurants available in my area: Thaiangle House Restaurant, Resunga Indian Curry Lindfield, and Hanuman Thai.


Browsing through the menus, Hanuman Thai looked very promising, and its been ages since I’ve had a good Thai meal. I selected a few things, put in my PayPal details and made the order – receiving a near-instant email from PayPal and EatNow that my payment had gone through. Now all I had to do was sit back and wait.


And look, I can even share on Facebook that I’ve ordered takeaway tonight… anyone want to come over for dinner? 😉

The restaurant opened at 5.00pm, and I was in the process of dragging myself home from work when I received a text message from EatNow saying that my order for delivery at 6.00pm was confirmed with the restaurant. Enough time for a quick nap…


I was roused by the sound of the doorbell at ten past 6.00, near-perfect timing. There was a little confusion about whether I had already paid for the meal, but then I pointed to the receipt which stated “Order Paid”, and that settled the matter. I joyously took my extravagant dinner to the kitchen, where I proceeded to unpack the neatly assembled takeaway boxes within the paper bag.


Don’t worry, this wasn’t all for just my dinner…the leftovers kept me going for two more work lunches over the next week. Bargain!

One of the appetisers I had ordered was the Piggy Puffs (4 Pcs – $7.90): a delicately minced pork, with chopped fresh corn, pea and crushed coconut, mixed with Thai herb and curry powder, then wrapped in puff pastry.


It came served with a sweet chilli sauce. I was ecstatic that the deep-fried appetizers were all still deliciously crispy and piping hot, thanks to the little hole they had cut out of the takeaway box lid to allow the steam out. There was quite a light amount of curry in the piggy puffs – distinctive enough to taste and flavour, but not enough to overwhelm the delicate crushed coconut and fresh vegetables encased in the amazingly flaky and buttery puff pastry.

I also couldn’t get enough of the classic Golden Bags (4 Pcs – $7.90).


Rice paper rolls wrapped like a bag, filled with chicken meat, corn, pea, mixed with Thai herbs, and served with a plum sauce. Everything was so delicately chopped in the little bags, and the spring roll pastry was lovely and crisp. They had a lighter flavour than the piggy puffs of course, without the kick of the curry powder and sweet chilli sauce.

You can’t have a Thai meal without stir-fried flat rice noodles. I love the combination of aromatic basil in Asian cuisine, and so selected the Pad Kee Mao with prawns ($16.90), with one-chilli level of spiciness. It was described as spicy and aromatic, stir fried flat rice noodles with chilli basil sauce, minced garlic, basil leaves and egg.


To say this dish was spicy was an understatement – my mouth was on fire with my first taste. I had to look at my booking confirmation again to reassure myself that I had indeed ordered the lowest level of spice, yet I picked out no fewer than six half-chillies in the single takeaway box. It was amazingly tasty and headily fragrant of basil and garlic, but I think the chef may have been a little too enthusiastic with the chilies. The prawns were cooked incredibly well; very fresh and juicy.

Funnily enough, I had ordered the Massaman Beef with Roti ($17.90) at a medium spice, and I found it less spicy than the Pad Kee Mao, probably because it had coconut milk.


It was described as tender cubes of beef simmered in a traditional massaman curry with coconut milk, onions, cashew nuts and baby potatoes. The potato consisted of one massive half of a potato, and unfortunately the roti seemed to have been overlooked in my order. I couldn’t be bothered to call up the restaurant and demand they come out again to deliver my roti, so I just re-heated some rice. Because, y’know, being Asian of course I always have rice in the house 😉

The massaman curry was incredibly fragrant, with pieces of star anise and lots of cashews bobbing around in the sauce. The beef had been slow-cooked to perfection, falling apart easily.

A very satisfying dinner and I have no doubt that I will order from Hanuman Thai again! The EatNow service was incredibly easy to use and it was too convenient to browse the online menuu earlier in the day and select a delivery time, as opposed to having a whole lot of food delivery pamphlets sliding down your fridge and having to idly wait at home, ravenous until your food arrived.


Confessions of a Glutton was invited to sample EatNow and Hanuman Thai on a complimentary basis, thanks to Nicholas Chernih from First Digital Marketing
Confessions of a Glutton was invited to sample EatNow and Hanuman Thai on a complimentary basis, thanks to Nicholas Chernih from First Digital Marketing

Hanuman Thai
338 Pacific Highway
Lindfield NSW 2070
(02) 9416 9301—Lindfield.html

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  1. I did a few cooking classes in Thailand and from what I gathered, I like milk curries mild, with exactly 2 chillies.

    This is a basic guide on use of chilis per person in Thai cooking. Mild: 1-2 chillies, Medium: 3-4 chillies, Hot: 5-6 chillies, Thai hot: 7-10 chillies.

    So your 6 half chillies would only make for 3 full chillies making it a medium.

    Most Thais use around 10 chillies per person. Jungle Curry (one of their hottest) uses 50 chillies!

    1. Yeah I had asked for a mild but looks like they were a bit over-enthusiastic and upped it to a medium haha. I don’t even want to imagine the heat coming off that Jungle Curry!

  2. Petch Ariyachokchai says:

    Hello Cath, my name is Petch who is the owner of the Hanumanthai. I’m very happy that see your review about our restaurant and sorry about the Roti that we forgot to pack it in your order. Now I stay at Hanumanthai in St.ives everyday if you have a free time please come to enjoy our food in St.ives branch we welcome to serve yo a beautiful taste of Thai food and friendly service.

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