Cherry & Raspberry Trifle

Is there ever a better combination than cake, freshly whipped cream and fresh fruit?

With the Christmas lead-up in full swing and a quiet morning at work, I decided to make my first ever trifle in the office. I even bought a new glass bowl from Victoria’s Basement, as I’ve been looking for a large bowl to assemble my tiramisu.

I was surprised when the lovely Lauren herself from Aldi’s Public Relations team turned up at my office with a delivery of my ingredients. With the sheer amount of ingredients, Christmas treats and ready-to-assemble gingerbread house, I thought it might be easier to actually just bring in my electric hand mixer, bowls and piping bag and put it together in the office.


Unfortunately I didn’t quite nail the presentation due to it being my first ever attempt, and the custard oozed around the sides and covered my carefully layered strawberries, but it was delectably tasty in the most messy, satisfying way regardless. Which is all it should be about, really. Everyone in the office loved it, especially one of the boys who had not one, not two, but five servings of trifle!

This recipe is an adaption of the Cherry & Raspberry Scottish Trifle on the Aldi Supermarkets website, and I used the recommended brands from the recipe itself as well; there’s nothing quite like taking it easy on your wallet over the Christmas season!

You will need:

  • One pack The Cake Stall Madeira Cake;
  • 70g Ouverture Morello Cherry Premium Fruit Spread;
  • 70g Ouverture Raspberry Premium Fruit Spread;
  • 100ml Westcliff Orange Juice;
  • One punnet fresh raspberries;
  • Two punnets fresh strawberries;
  • Half a kilo of fresh cherries, pitted;
  • One litre carton Brooklea Vanilla Custard, chilled;
  • 500ml Farmdale Thickened Cream;
  • Forresters whole almonds, toasted and roughly crushed, to decorate.

Slice the Madeira before generously spreading on the cherry spread onto one half of the slices, then spread the raspberry spread on the other half of the slices.


Fit the cherry spread topped cake slices into the bottom of the bowl and line the edges to the top with sliced strawberries.


Pour over a little of the orange juice, and then sprinkle with cherries. Layer thinly with custard and then layer with the the raspberry topped cake slices. Top with half a cup of halved strawberries.

Pour over another layer of custard and top with another layer of cake, then fruit, then custard, repeating until you’ve run out of cake.


Whisk the cream until just thick, then pipe or spread it over the top of the custard and strawberries. Decorate with cherries, raspberries and the crushed almonds.


Chill in the fridge for a couple of hours to allow all of the gorgeous sweet flavours to sit and soak, before serving in large spoonfuls.



All of the Aldi supermarkets are well-stocked with Christmas goodies, so save some time (and money) by dropping in next week! I’ll be finishing up my Christmas posts with a downright amazing Mocha Sticky Date Pudding with Chocolate Toffee Sauce next Monday; be sure to keep an eye out for it! Enjoy your weekend xx

Confessions of a Glutton was provided complimentary ingredients and products from Aldi Supermarkets Australia, thanks to Lauren Gleecher from Professional Public Relations

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Tina @ bitemeshowme says:

    it still looks like a bowl full of goodness and so it’s the taste that matters 😀

    1. It’s only ever about the taste 😉

  2. trixpin says:

    I love that you used jam and not jelly – trifle is so much better that way 🙂 I love the cherries in this and the end result is beautiful!

    1. So much sweeter and less wobbly! The cherries can be a pain to pit but they’re so worth it.

  3. Wow, looks deeeelicious! I love doing a lot of my shopping at Aldi – the prices are so reasonable, and the variety is really good too.

    1. They get some amazing stuff in some days! It’s always so exciting when I go by to see what new things they have that day.

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