You know a place has got to be good when you see a line outside before it’s even open.

IMG_0671Walking down the high-end shops and offices of Collins Street, it really didn’t look like the right place for a Mexican restaurant and bar. But maybe that was its charm? I had seen numerous blogs by other foodies, with Sydney ones in particular raving about it – and so I had set aside lunch on my last day in Melbourne to pay Mamasita a long-anticipated visit.

IMG_0699You open the door and go up the somewhat dark and dingy staircase, to walk into a very spacious, minimally furnished room bright with natural sunlight streaming through the large windows facing out onto Collins Street. Seating is all high bar stools – tough luck if you’ve got short legs like me!


IMG_0676We started off with a glass of classic Sangria each. It was refreshing and fruity, as well as not being particularly alcoholic for those who don’t like it too strong.

IMG_0681 I decided to start with the Elote Callejero ($5.40 each), which has had rave reviews from bloggers. It’s “Street Style” chargrilled corn, with queso, chipotle mayo and lime.

IMG_0683It was hands-down the tastiest cob of corn I’ve ever had! Juicy and sweet corn kernels, gloriously smoky from a good charring, with the creamy, sweet chipotle mayo and the savoury tang of the queso cheese. With a generous squeeze of lime, it was the perfect starter. I could have eaten a whole meal of these. It was when I finished my cob that I greatly appreciated the little pot of toothpicks that the waiter had discreetly popped beside us; the kernels had managed to wedge themselves everywhere between my teeth! One of the hazards of eating corn off the cob – but most definitely worth it. We moved onto our tacos: the de Arrachera – grilled flank steak, guacamole, tomatillo salsa and red onion ($6.60), and the de Camarones – marinated prawns, red chilli and chipotle almond salsa ($7.70).



IMG_0687Both were simple but well-cooked and tender, bursting with freshness and so good with a generous squeeze of lime juice. My eye had also been on the Ceviche de Yucatan – market fish, green tomato, chilli, mint, lime and coconut milk ($8.80 for small). The market fish for the day was hapuka.

IMG_0690We were a little taken aback when we realised how small the “small” was – two tortilla chips only – really?? But when we picked up the chips and spooned the ceviche mixture onto the chips and bit down with a crunch, it was more than I could have ever hoped for. I never would have thought that coconut milk would pair well with fish, chilli, tomato and other savoury elements, but the ingredients complimented one another perfectly. Coconut-y smooth on the palate, a slightly sharp acidity from the lime and tomato, and then a kick of heat from the chilli, which was immediately soothed by the refreshing addition of mint. We needed more chips to make the most of the delicious ceviche, and so decided to order the other ceviche on the menu in a large, which would surely have more chips! The Ceviche de Veracruz was snapper cured in a mixture of tomato, olive, green chilli, lime and coriander ($16.50):

IMG_0695This was a very zesty ceviche, with maybe too much lime after the creaminess of the previous ceviche. It was a very summery ceviche – full of fresh flavours from the tomato and the snapper had a beautiful, silky texture from being just cured to perfection. I preferred the Ceviche de Yucatan, but these two were quite different on the palate and this would have suited those who enjoy sharper, more refreshing flavours. Of course, with this much food, it meant we had ridiculously overeaten and so it was time to head off down the street in search of a park to have a siesta. Mamasita is now without a doubt one of my favourite Melbourne spots and I’ll definitely be back the next time I return.


1/11 Collins Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

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11 Comments Add yours

  1. That was absolute perfection!

    1. I’m craving that corn right now!

  2. Tina @ bitemeshowme says:

    agree – that corn is amazing. We tried a lot of the tostadas when we were there and they were all delicious. I have to say it’s one of my favourite spots in melbourne too and probably up there in the mexican cuisine category! i wish I could go back!

    1. I’m definitely going back the next time I’m down!

  3. grabyourfork says:

    We thought about going here on our last trip to Melb but couldn’t be bothered queueing! The corn looks amazing though. Will have to be more patient (and organised!) next time. lol

    1. A queue always indicates something is worth waiting for! 🙂

  4. peachcordial says:

    Mmm I think I went twice on my last trip to Melbourne, for a lunch and a dinner. Oops. I’m a person who hates lining up but for Mamasita… Always… Hahaha

  5. All my friends rave about Mamasita, but I still haven’t made it there even though I’m from Melbourne! I think it’s the queues that turn me off – I hate waiting especially when I’m starving and needing to eat STAT.

    1. Queues are always a turn off but you know it’s an indication that something is worth waiting for!

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