Kiplings Garage Bar

Kulinary Adventures of Kath and I had been in the final stages of planning our bake sale and to deal with two birds with one stone, decided to do this over a lazy weekend breakfast.

Kiplings Garage Bar is actually located in an old automotive repairs garage and they have endeavoured to retain a slight ‘industrial’ atmosphere to the place.

IMG_9924A breakfast and lunch spot by day, it’s a wine bar at night.

IMG_9921We wandered around aimlessly for a little while before we were noticed and seated. Kath had been here a number of times and noted that the service has consistently been a little slow for no particular reason, and I think there may be a bit of confusion between the staff as to the allocation of tables.

I was a little disappointed with the scarcity of options on the breakfast menu:

IMG_9908Most places I know will offer you ‘extras’ for an additional price, like bacon, smoked salmon or hollandaise on the side. This place didn’t have it and considering that there was bacon and smoked salmon in some of the breakfast dishes, they most certainly would have had it available in their dishes. I wanted poached eggs but not in hollandaise, so ended up going with the Poached eggs with roasted tomato and Sonoma toast ($10):


IMG_9919It would have been nice with some crispy grilled bacon on the side…

The eggs were perfect though and the roast tomatoes quite juicy. So juicy that when I cut into it the tomato juice squirted across the table at Kath, which rendered the both of us speechless for a moment before we burst into giggles.

Kath had chosen the Salmon benedict with hollandaise sauce on grilled sourdough ($15):

IMG_9914And the both of us had ordered coffees –  A skim latte for myself and a Chai latte for Kath ($3.50):

IMG_9910When we were done, our bill arrived charmingly placed in an old book:

IMG_9920While the ingredients were fresh and I like the idea behind the garage-turned-wine-bar, it wasn’t anything to write home about and I do think their execution needs to be improved. More options for the weekend breakfast menu would be a welcome addition. If I’m in the area I may drop by sometime to check out the venue as a wine bar in the evening.

Kiplings Garage Bar
2 Eastern Road,
Turramurra NSW 2074
(02) 9440 4088

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Tina @ bitemeshowme says:

    million dollar egg shot – love the ooze!

  2. The eggs look beautiful. I agree with Tina – nice shot!

    I am shocked they did not accommodate a side of smoke salmon (would have been lovely with the tomatoes, eggs and bread in your dish) or bacon. That is quite odd, for sure.

    Lovely photos – nums.

  3. Ramen Raff says:

    Love the fit out of this place!

  4. You should have just asked. Most places will happily add to your plate. For a small fee of course.

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