Pizza Pesce Birra

It was a couple of days before mum was due to return from overseas, and The Sister, her fiance and I decided to eat dinner out on our side of the bridge as the fridge was desolate. For once I wasn’t feeling particularly inspired, and when I met up with the two in Chatswood, we were still at a loss of where to go for dinner. Chinese was out of the question, and The Sister and her fiance were going to Japan soon so didn’t feel like Japanese. Then The Sister remembered I hadn’t yet been to Pizza Pesce Birra in Cremorne, where they do two for one pizzas on Monday and Tuesday nights.

Pizza Pesce Birra is located on the busy Military Road of Cremorne, and they have another store along Spit Road in Manly. The Cremorne store is softly lit with candles, with jazz music playing and was very quiet for a Monday evening. I guess not many people know about the two for one pizza deal?

The only other patrons while we were there was a middle-aged couple and a father and his young son, whom the waiter chatted to extensively with smiles and little jokes. It’s always lovely to see such child-friendly restaurants.


IMG_9721We had a look both at the regular menu and the blackboard specials before deciding to go with two pizzas and a risotto. The pizzas were devastatingly hard to choose from, but the risotto was easy (because there was only one choice): Risotto Al Funghi ($19), which was carneroli rice with mushrooms, truffle and taleggio.

IMG_9710It was the perfect amount of soft, flavoursome risotto rice, studded with mushrooms and fragrant with truffle. It wasn’t overly cheesy or heavy in the slightest.

One of the pizzas we had ordered was the Misto Mare ($22) from the “Pizza Tradizionale” menu, which had an Italian-style tomato sauce base.

IMG_9711The Misto Mare was topped with large mussels, prawns and calamari, which were all tenderly cooked to perfection. The mozzarella had the perfect amount of melting elasticity, giving us lovely long strands of creamy cheese when we pulled a slice away. The base was deliciously thin and crusty.

We probably preferred this pizza over the Bianca Proscuitto ($20), which was topped with mozzarella, cherry tomato, truffle oil and parmesan.

IMG_9709The base was as delicious as the one before, but this pizza was from the “Pizza Bianca” menu and had a plain pizza base instead. I think the addition of the tomato sauce base had an acidity that cut through the richness of the mozzarella, and this pizza was a little overly-cheesy for my taste. I never thought I would ever say the words “overly-cheesy”, as I can never get enough of cheese! But other than it being overwhelmingly cheesy, the proscuitto was soft and moreish, and the truffle oil mouth-wateringly aromatic.

After consuming all of these delicious carbs and cheese we had a break, where our friendly waiter cleared our plates and offered us Limoncello on the house. The Sister’s fiance and I decided to go for a shot each of this potent concoction, and it was quite nice to sip on it slowly. It was very strong and sweet, and it tasted like it had been infused beautifully for a long time.

IMG_9716We had been eyeing up the Strawberry Tiramisu on the blackboard menu, which from memory was about $10 or $12. It arrived layered carefully in a large glass like a trifle.

IMG_9717It had layers of sponge, stewed strawberries, fresh strawberries, and what tasted like a combination of whipped cream and mascarpone. It was a wonderfully light way to end the meal with some summer flavours instead of your regular coffee-based tiramisu, and when we said so to the waiter, he said it was his mother’s recipe.

You can’t get more authentic Italian than that! 😉


Pizza Pesce Birra
314 Military Road
Cremorne NSW 2090
(02) 9904 5818

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  1. Cucina Amore says:

    yummmmm Taleggio..1 of my fav cheeses 😉

  2. chocolatesuze says:

    yumm that risotta sounds amazing

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