Sydney Dumpling King

A field trip for work is always greeted with enthusiasm, and on this day the boss (aka ‘Our Glorious Leader’, as he’s known by in our office) was appearing in court in Burwood and offered to take us out to lunch afterwards. While he had previously worked in the Burwood area, he’s not much of a foodie and would usually just get a sandwich or salad for lunch. Therefore he was open to any recommendations I had, and with a quick look at Urbanspoon, I directed us to Sydney Dumpling King on the bustling Burwood Road. I’ve never been to (let alone dined in) Burwood before, but with its prevalence of Chinese restaurants, it seemed rather foolish to go for an option that wasn’t remotely Asian. Dumplings always go down well with a crowd, so we decided to try our luck.

IMG_9472Sydney Dumpling King isn’t much to look at in terms of decor. The plastic-stripped entrance is always a deterrence for me (reminds me of fish shops and butchers), but the interior was quite standard of noodle-shops and Asian-style eateries and very clean.

IMG_9471Hot Chinese tea is complimentary, and you have the usual seasonings (black vinegar, soy) available at your disposal, as well as chilli.

IMG_9452I was looking at the menu and was surprised to see that the owners were Taiwanese – little wonder so many items on the menu were familiar to me.

IMG_9453Our Glorious Leader and my other two co-workers told me to order for them – a responsibility that I quite enjoy, but it is quite a big burden as well should you order incorrectly. Unfortunately I didn’t take down the prices of what I had ordered as I knew the menu was available online, but didn’t notice that the prices aren’t available online. However, as you can see from the price of the dumplings, it’s ridiculously cheap with a plate of 15 dumplings ranging from $10 to $15. This place seemed like an absolute gem!

However I decided to start things off with one of my old favourites – the Taiwanese take on roti, being the Vegetarian Chinese Pancake.

IMG_9455Crispy, buttery, savoury and flaky, it could have done with a few slices of spring onion rolled into the dough as per the traditional version, but it was tasty and moreish – best quickly consumed while still warm.

The dumplings took about 15 to 20 minutes to arrive but all arrived at once. I’ve taken innard shots in addition to the full-plate shots because with dumplings, you really can’t judge them based on what they look like outside. Bossy me directed Our Glorious Leader and co-workers to do a proportion of half vinegar to half soy in their little dipping bowls before digging in.

The first to arrive was the Prawn dumplings with eggs, chives and wood ear mushrooms. I had been a bit hesitant about this one with the presence of egg in it, but my worries were unfounded. The eggs were more like little specks of scrambled goodness, which added a creamy consistency to the mixture, which was full of juicy prawns and gloriously-garlicky chives. It was the unanimous favourite out of all of the dumplings.


IMG_9464The flavours in the Pork and Chive were fairly standard, the skins silky and the perfect; not breaking upon contact or chewy in the slightest.


IMG_9468The dumplings that probably could have been better were the Chicken with Mushroom. There was too much white pepper in the mix, and I couldn’t really discern much of the shiitake mushroom. There also seemed to be a lot of vegetables (other than mushrooms) in the mix that tasted a little like carrots and peas. Other than the slightly overwhelming taste of white pepper, it was a little on the bland side.


IMG_946745 dumplings and a crispy pancake between four of us and the bill would have come to less than $50 all up without a doubt (although Our Glorious Leader generously paid for us) – an absolute bargain. I’ll be looking for an excuse to come to the area just so I can visit this place again! With my mother complaining every time she’s back in Sydney that the Chinese food here is too Westernised – I have finally found the perfect place to take her.


Sydney Dumpling King
183E Burwood Road
Burwood, NSW 2134
(02) 9701 0055

Sydney Dumpling King on Urbanspoon

10 Comments Add yours

  1. I want dumplings now! Say hi to mum from me lol

    1. The morning has been okay so far…lol. We can do dumplings on Friday!

  2. I’ve never been fond of chicken dumplings. They’re always super bland in my experience and require heaps of vinegar or soy and chili to make them edible. I guess it’s the same the world over? My favourite are pork dumplings but lamb or beef are also creeping up there.

    1. That’s true, minced chicken tastes quite nothing-ey. Lamb and beef aren’t traditionally used in dumpling fillers as it’s not a common meat to have in Asia, but it will be interesting to try them here!

  3. Lignum Draco says:

    Some of the better chinese restauants don’t look very special from the outside and are hidden in the suburbs. Years ago, I remember going to a place that specialised in peking duck out past Ashfield. You had to call up 2 days ahead to book your duck. You wouldn’t want to go in just from the look of the exterior of the shop – very non descript.

    1. 2 days! Yep, never judge a book by its cover – you really need to rely on reviews/word of mouth to find out about these gems!

  4. craving for dumplings now after reading this post lol. haven’t been to Burwood in a while and i don’t remember walking past this shop last time i was there. will definitely check it out nxt time im in the area

    1. I’m definitely going to swing by there the next time I’m even remotely close!

  5. Mmmm, there’s definitely something to be said for those nondescript Chinese restaurants! In my experience, they’re usually the ones with the best food.

    1. Unfortunately it’s true! Never judge a book by its cover.

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