It all began with a love affair over fro-yo.

Janine, who has an intense love of fro-yo, insisted that her hubby John drive her around Sydney in search of fro-yo. She did this so often that one day, John said: ‘You know what? Let’s just open a fro-yo store.’

And that’s how Mooberry was born early this year.

Okay so maybe there’s a bit more of a story there, but that’s the general gist of how this establishment was literally a labour of love from these two.

IMG_9166Mooberry is located on the bustling King Street in Newtown and at the moment there’s only the one shop with potential plans for more stores. I received an invite from John to bring a couple of friends down to sample some fro-yo, so with Kulinary Adventures of Kath and Fashion Obsessed Girl in tow, I paid them a visit one sunny Sunday.

The little cafe (fro-yo bar?) is decorated in the quirkiest fashion, with faux hedge walls, white stag heads and assorted picture frames hung sporadically on the right-hand side entrance wall. It’s cute, charming and fun.



IMG_9170Being fro-yo, of course they have a large selection of toppings ranging from pomegranate seeds to those slightly strange flavoured-starch jelly balls that seem to be everywhere nowadays.

IMG_9168We were invited to take a seat while a sample of things were brought out to us. For Kath and I, this was our first taste of fro-yo..can you believe it?

Mooberry’s fro-yo is 98% fat free, low in sugar, is made fresh daily, gluten free, high in protein and calcium, has no artificial additives, and is also probiotic. Surely it must be good for you then? 😉

The yoghurt here is served by the sales assistant – which is really much cheaper as when you serve the yoghurt yourself you do tend to have a bit of a tendency to go overboard with your eagerness. She gave us a selection of the four flavours on offer for the day: Original, Coconut, Biscotti and Blood Orange.

IMG_9175The yoghurts are all Greek-yoghurt based, and the original had the distinct yoghurt taste, which would pair well with many of the fruit toppings available at the counter. The biscotti was quite nice, the blood-orange was almost sorbet-like and incredibly flavoursome, but the favourite for all three of us girls was the coconut. The coconut flavour is the pride and joy of Mooberry and is always available alongside the original. It’s also the basis of many of their other desserts, such as their specialty, the Coconut Affogato ($6.50), a gorgeous high tower of whipped fro-yo which has a shot of heady espresso poured over it before it’s topped with shaved coconut.

IMG_9186For coffee-lovers, this is a must try. We loved the coconut fro-yo so much that we also just ordered it on its own, with two fruit toppings of pomegranate seeds and passionfruit pulp.

IMG_9179We were slightly straining at this point and I asked the assistant if the serving was a medium or large, and she said it was actually a small serving ($4.50 + toppings at $0.70). What a bargain! At most ice cream and gelato places a single scoop will set you back by $5 at least, with no toppings to speak of.

While we were resting, the assistant also brought over a sample of their Mango Passion Smoothie (regular for $6) which was lovely and refreshing.

IMG_9187Our churros then arrived, and what makes these different is that these churros are baked, not fried and served with melted Belgian milk chocolate ($8 for one/$12 for a two person serving). Mooberry also offers chocolate souffles, Belgian waffles and a variety  of other sweet desserts. These desserts are what distinguishes Mooberry from all the other fro-yo places across Sydney.

IMG_9189We found the churros a lot less oiler than your usual fried churros, but they were still nicely crispy on the outside and covered with just the right amount of powdered sugar. Soft and almost cake-y on the inside, they were simply delicious dipped into the little generous pot of chocolate.

IMG_9192At this point we were simply stuffed and had to turn down the offer of a souffle or waffles. Brain says yes but stomach says no to more sweetness!

A gorgeous fro-yo store and I couldn’t have chosen a better place to introduce myself to fro-yo. I’ll definitely be back for that coconut affogato and those scrumptious churros. Fingers crossed that they open a few more stores across Sydney!

Confessions of a Glutton was invited as a guest to Mooberry, thanks to John from the Mooberry team
Confessions of a Glutton was invited as a guest to Mooberry, thanks to John from the Mooberry team

Mooberry: Real Froyo and Smoothies
160 King Street,
Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 9557 4208

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14 Comments Add yours

  1. Tina @ bitemeshowme says:

    Love the sound of the coconut affagato. That’s the first I’ve heard of it!

    1. It’s simply to die for! 🙂

  2. I love fro-yo too! I wish I still worked in Sydney, I’d love to check this place out!

    1. So many fro-yo places in Sydney I don’t know how people know which one to go to! Luckily I didn’t have to choose where to have my first taste 😛

  3. A says:

    Sounds amazing – Will definitely be visiting to try in the future! I am a fan of self serve though as I lean towards smaller servings, but all the self serve fro-yo stores I have been to never have a great selection 😦 I guess we can’t have everything!

    1. It’s harder for us where our eyes are bigger than our stomachs to restrain ourselves at self-serve though! It’s good to visit places that have a rotating selection of flavours.

  4. Lignum Draco says:

    Sounds good. Will try.
    And thanks for spelling yoghurt with an “h”. I realise it can also be correctly spelt without the “h” but it just seems wrong.

    1. Thank goodness! Another spelling Nazi 😛 Yoghurt without an “h” does just seem out of place!

  5. Can’t wait to try their blood orange froyo and churros!! Oooh and I wouldn’t mind trying their waffles and souffle 🙂 Froyo is getting overly hyped these days, but there are always gems like these 🙂 I’m definitely keen to try out Mooberry very soon!

    1. The waffle is on the list to try for next time!

  6. This was amazing… dying to go back

    1. Totally craving that coconut affogato again!

  7. Hannah says:

    This review would be a lot more believable if the blogger hadn’t been sampling the products courtesy of the owners – you can’t help but suspect some bias and free PR there. Further, as a self-confessed first timer at froyo, there isn’t much credibiltiy in stating the desserts are what differentiates Mooberry from other froyo places, especially given that those other froyo places also serve the very same desserts. Open your eyes people – don’t blindly swallow everything that’s fed to you. (Wonder if this post will even make it up on the feed).

    1. Hello Hannah, thank you for your comment and your concerns, which I will now address.

      I might first point out that the “other froyo places” that I know of, i.e. major froyo chains being Yogurberry, Moochi, etcetera, serve froyo exclusively and don’t serve other desserts such as waffles or churros. This is what I meant by that. While I’m a “first-timer” at tasting froyo, I’m more than aware of the froyo market and have visited stores across Sydney with friends when they wanted froyo for themselves. I have therefore been inside these stores and know what they offer. I understand that there may be some smaller froyo stores that offer more variety, however my reference was to the major froyo franchise stores.

      As for your main concern that I had been sampling the products courtesy of the owners, I will make reference to my Disclosure Policy, where I have stated that these invitations may “influence the advertising content, topics or posts made in this blog. That content, advertising space or post will always be identified as paid or sponsored content”, and I have done so in this case. I will also point out as an example the last invitation I received from the restaurant Selah on June 21, 2013 where I was completely honest in my review and did make a few criticisms.

      Due to the large number of people that are now turning to food blogs and relying on reviews on websites such as Urbanspoon and Eatability, I will openly acknowledge that PR agencies for restaurants are now turning to use bloggers in terms of advertising and promotions. However I have always stated openly when I have been invited as a guest to these events or when I have received free samples and have been honest in my opinions.

      I hope this has addressed your post. Please feel free to contact me privately via my email should you have any further comments.

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