Hyde Park Barracks Cafe

Its been over a month in my job so far, and for all our hard work our boss decided to treat us with breakfast before work one morning. He sent around an all-staff email (grand total of eight of us) requesting suggestions and there were a few joking calls for McDonald’s. Of course, I was the only one who took it seriously (to everyone’s mirth) and suggested Hyde Park Barracks Cafe, as I figured it would be quieter away from the cafes who cater for suits along Macquarie Street and I’ve heard some good reviews about it. An executive decision was made and Hyde Park Barracks it was Friday 8.30 am.

IMG_9135The cafe is on the left hand side of the barracks entrance, with ample outdoor seating in the early morning winter sunshine or seating in the heated indoors if you prefer.


IMG_9131Our coffee orders were taken first, with my usual order of a skinny hazelnut latte ($4.40) coming out in a classic latte tall glass.

IMG_9114The service was very friendly and we were told from the start that if we ordered the hotcakes it would take about 20 minutes as the batter had to be made from scratch. Some of us were a little disappointed to hear this but ultimately decided that maybe ice cream hot cakes at 8.30 am was a bit much. We made our orders, with all but one of us going savoury and settled back with our coffees to chat.

The food took some time in coming out, over half an hour, and at this point some of us were wondering if we may as well have ordered the hotcakes. But it was understandable that with the eight of us ordering big breakfasts, all of the food needed to come out at the same time and so that may have been the reason for the delay.

I reached across the table and snatched people’s plates away from them before they could start eating. Come on, at least I asked first 😉

With the general breakfast plates that had eggs, you had the choice of having them poached, fried or scrambled. The Judge ($21.50) was eggs, grilled bacon, mushrooms, potato hash, roasted tomatoes, and toasted ciabatta.


I had ordered The Convict ($15) which was poached eggs with sautéed spinach, roast tomato, toasted ciabatta and a side of hollandaise ($2.50) as I love nothing better than hollandaise with perfectly poached eggs.


The boss went for something more simple, just eggs, served with toasted ciabatta ($11.50) and a side of roast tomato ($3).

IMG_9122Two of the girls had gone for what I had had my eye on earlier, which was the Spanish Chorizo, spinach, Spanish onions, red capsicum and feta cheese omelette with toasted ciabatta ($16.50). Apparently it was very, very tasty but towards the end was a little on the overly-salty side.

IMG_9118Another had ordered the Eggs Benedict with watercress, marinated capsicum and semi dried tomato, on a toasted ciabatta ($15.50), which was beautifully presented.

IMG_9126The only sweet-tooth among us had gone for the Fruity French toast, with a mixed berry compote and mascarpone cream ($15) and there was massive food envy around the table when it emerged.

IMG_9121Overall, a pleasant breakfast and certainly a nice, quiet place for a team breakfast early on a Friday morning.


Hyde Park Barracks Cafe
Queens Square, Macquarie Street
Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9222 1815

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  1. Tina @ bitemeshowme says:

    I never even noticed this was there haha. Love the look of all the breakfasts – thats what breakky should be all about!

    1. Nothing like a proper breakfast to start the day! 🙂

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