Flour & Stone

“I heard they run out of lamingtons early…so I think we should go there first.”

Guessed where I’m talking about yet?

Yes, Flour and Stone. You would have to be living under a rock without Instagram, other social media and without food blogger friends to have not heard about Flour and Stone’s legendary Panna Cotta Lamingtons. It was going to be the first birthday of the Confessions of a Glutton blog that day and I was planning one of the most epic days of eating you could ever imagine. For the sake of being able to accurately narrate my experience in as much detail as I can, I have spread out my visits that day to three establishments over three posts for easy reading 🙂

SO back to Flour and Stone. As I had heard from a number of fellow food bloggers that they apparently run out of the infamous lamingtons very quickly, I was determined to get there for breakfast. Skipping any food at home, I made the trek into the city with Kulinary Adventures of Kath to begin the day.

We arrived at the quiet Riley Street without much drama, as it’s only a short walk from Hyde Park. We were both so excited when we saw the tiny bakery that we two foodie girls immediately whipped out our cameras.

IMG_8421There is one table inside, and inside is quite small, with a couple of tables and bar and window seating. There were a fair few people lined up at the counter for 10.00 am on a Saturday morning, however most of them seemed to be making coffee orders. There’s a shelf of beautifully packaged biscuits and cookies on the shelf to your right when you enter. Kath purchased one box of Hand-iced Gingerbread biscuits ($16) for a Mother’s Day present.

IMG_8399Once you can shuffle forward to the front, you can see that as small as the establishment is, beyond the front counter there is an enormous kitchen that lies beyond. But there’s more important things to look at: you’re blown away by the assortment of stunning delicately-made pastries, cakes, tarts and breads all laid out before you on the counter – it’s any foodie’s dream come true, and at that hour on a Saturday morning, I felt like I was hallucinating.

475185_10151927105024899_1507207516_oI peeked behind the server into the refrigerated cabinet and saw three enormous lamingtons. THREE! At 10.00 am in the morning! Of course I had to have one of those. And a raspberry and vanilla custard donut. Aaaaaand how about a slice of that gorgeous hazelnut torte as well.

And what a lamington! They even have custom-made boxes for their lamingtons.

IMG_8408We had originally asked for takeaway and were planning to take it to the park to eat, however upon stepping out the door, the outside table departed and we immediately pounced. We then realised we had no cutlery to speak of, and when I ducked inside for a peek, couldn’t find any plastic cutlery around the counter – maybe you had to ask for it.

But how to handle this luscious baby half the size of my face?

IMG_8398It certainly couldn’t be kept out in the elements for too long as it needed to be refrigerated. Looks like hands to mouth it is. We two girls approached it with completely different techniques: Kath was taking great care to eat it in a very lady-like manner with small, delicate bites, whereas I just picked up the lamington, opened my maw wide and attacked the cake. I’ll deal with the consequences all over my face after I’ve devoured it.

Smothered in beautiful shaved coconut flakes, and smeared in a light coating of dark chocolate ganache, this Panna Cotta Lamington ($6) was simply a delight to eat. I can’t say I’ve eaten a whole lot of lamingtons, because I generally find them too dry. THIS lamington however, is raspberry jam sandwiched between two generous layers of vanilla sponge, and wait for it, the beauty is that the bottom layer of sponge has been pricked with holes before it’s left to soak in panna cotta – giving the sponge a gorgeous, custardy, deliciously moist pudding-like texture that just blends so well with the spongy top layer. It just had me wanting more and more.

IMG_8415Having skipped breakfast, I just had enough room to squeeze in the Raspberry & Vanilla Custard Donut ($4.50). I go gaga for the jam donuts at Schwarz Bakery in Wentworth Falls, which never fail to burst warm jam everywhere as soon as you bite into it. I was interested to see how these compared.

IMG_8401The texture was similar to a brioche, being quite bread-y and aerated. I was disappointed to see that there actually wasn’t a whole lot of jam or custard in the donut itself (despite it looking like it was about to pop out the top), and I did wish there was a bit more icing sugar, as I’m used to getting it all over my face when I have a proper jam donut.

IMG_8405Alas, as expansive as my stomach gets, I could not fit in the beautiful Hazelnut Torte ($5.50) at that moment. I placed it delicately in Kath’s lamington box and transported it home with tender loving care.

IMG_8400The torte is a dense, nutty and rich cake with a thick layer of gorgeous dark chocolate ganache on top and a generous amount of whole roast hazelnut kernels on each slice which give a delicious contrasting crunch. If Nutella was a cake, it would be this.

Eventually when we had wiped our hands and faces clear of any traces of lamington, we packed up our things and decided to slowly begin to make our way to our lunch destination: Reuben Hills, a place that has had just as many rave foodie reviews. I’ll most definitely be back to sample more of Nadine Ingram’s scrumptious baked goods – whatever I can fit around another lamington, of course! 😉 xx


Flour & Stone
53 Riley Street, Woolloomooloo
Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 8068 8818

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17 Comments Add yours

  1. Tina @ bitemeshowme says:

    What a great way to celebrate for your first bloggiversary! I can’t express how good that lamington is. I’d eat that any time, any day!

    1. Totally agree! Now I wish I worked near enough so I could try one of Nadine’s new sausage rolls 😀

  2. Ramen Raff says:

    My favourite one of my favourite Artisan bakeries! Their lamingtons, donuts, & hazelnut torte are my F&S favourite goods too!

    1. So craving a return visit right now…

  3. sam says:

    My absolute favourite place! I used to work round the corner from it and I think I worked my way through most of the counter 🙂 I think the lamingtons were definitely my fav!

    1. I can’t imagine working around the corner from such a divine place! 🙂

  4. lignumdraco says:

    When I go to the city, I park at the Domain. I have Flour and Stone on speed dial. I always ask if the lamingtons are there. The hot chocolate is wonderful too. If you go to my blog and search for laming ton. you’ll see a picture of them before I devoured them. 🙂

    1. Hahaha good idea to check ahead to see if there are lamingtons left!

  5. Yes omg that lamington!! I got my first taste of that lamington earlier this year 🙂 So worth devouring into 🙂

  6. i think i’ve worked or spent time at the gym too much because i have not heard about those lamingtons. but i have heard lots of good things about Flour and Stone! doesn’t seem too far from where i work so might head there one day.

    1. You won’t be disappointed 🙂

  7. sydneycool says:

    flour and stone is also at the new Gardeners Rd Market on Saturdays – there’s also lamingtons

    1. Thanks for the heads up! 🙂

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