Lindt Lindor Bar

My first week at a new job and ohmygosh how hectic it has been. Files for one client that were 30cm high (no joke), harassing phone calls, non-stop piling of my in-tray…my first taste of full-time work has been quite brutal! Interesting, without a doubt, but every night when I drag my weary self through the front door at 6.00 pm, the idea of dinner is really the last thing on my mind, right before sleep. I can’t believe that there would ever be a time

But hang on a second, what was this? I walked into my room to find my post for the day as well as a little white carry bag.

“Mum, did you buy me something?” I called.

“No,” she replied. “It was sitting beside the front door.”

I turned the bag around and went “Ooooooh.”

IMG_8575As I’ve said before, being a food blogger certainly has its fabulous moments. At the end of a long, hard day at work, this was exactly what I needed!

IMG_8576Lindor Chocolate Bars, though? I don’t believe I’ve ever seen them before. I unwrapped the chocolates from the bag and proceeded to read my little info pack. This chocolate bar is targeting a new market – women, precisely, with its incredibly convenient size at 38 grams and Lindt’s signature beautiful method of presentation. At $1.99 RRP ($2 really, non-rounded pricing annoys me) and easily available at Coles, Kmart, Target, BP and 7/11 stores, it’s such a reasonable price that you really have no excuse when tossing up between this sort of quality and many of the trashy chocolate bars usually on offer.

The chocolate is in little separated ‘bites’ with that gorgeous effect that only Lindt chocolate has – a chocolate shell that just gives way to an oozy, decadent, melting centre. Yummm.

IMG_8580I’ve often found sticking one of the Lindor balls into my mouth in one go such a waste (gone so quickly!) and when taking bites of one, you couldn’t really get the whole contrast effect between the outside and the inside, and then when you wanted to save it for later, it became a bit of a mess. How ingenious!

Off to work these chocolate bars come with me! I have no doubt they will make the average working day just that bit more bearable 🙂

Here’s to starting another week! Look out for my Wednesday recipe for Mushroom, Quinoa and Thyme Risotto – comfort food that’s surprisingly easy on your waistline (that’s a new one!) and is also gluten free – as well as my review for the Bathers’ Pavillion Cafe on Friday. Take care, lovelies xx

Confessions of a Glutton received a complimentary sample thanks to The Trish Nicol Agency
Confessions of a Glutton received a complimentary sample thanks to The Trish Nicol Agency

5 Comments Add yours

  1. These are my favourite chocolate bars too, though I’ve only ever seen the traditional shape before!

  2. nanya nyssen says:

    Sounds yummy and just the right thing to lift the sagging spirits at the end of the day! Bon courage in your new job! Nanya x

    1. Haha cheers Nanya! Hope you’re doing well x

  3. I’ve not seen these before either but they look incredible; I love the lindor balls and the silky texture of lindt is irresistable!

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