It was the day of my graduation. And as graduations go, you generally have a celebratory meal with friends and/or family. Unfortunately on the day of mine, The Sister had an interstate flight for work in the afternoon, so dinner wasn’t possible. The whole family were in the mood for something light, perhaps Japanese, and so I suggested Makiato, the local Japanese little restaurant (maybe I’ll even dub it a restaurant-ette, it’s a bit small for a restaurant) in Lindfield for a quick bite en-route to my afternoon graduation.

IMG_8110Makiato’s been in Lindfield for over a year or so, and was a welcome addition to the line of Lindfield shops, where there’s an abundance of Thai restaurants, chicken shops, and the KFC on the corner. Makiato California Roll House provides both ready-made sushi and rice paper rolls for drop-in customers to pick something up quickly. They can also make you a sushi order if you don’t mind a wait (or you can run over to Coles next door to do your groceries), and also do party platter orders. It’s a tiny establishment, with a few tables for four for those who want to dine-in.

Water is self-serve, and the place is simply decorated with wooden furniture and the large menu against the wall beside the glass counter. I made a few orders for the family to share, as well as hot green tea for all ($2.80 a person).

Most of the sushis arrived on little wooden presentation boards, which was very cute. The menu is posted on Grubfinder, but I’m not sure as to how early the menu is considering the soft-shell crab sushi isn’t listed, so unfortunately I can’t be 100 per cent certain as to the prices.

IMG_8104The Crunchy Prawn ($8.50) was the first to arrive, little maki rolls of tempura prawn with finely julienned cucumber, creamy avocado, and curiously enough, potato chips. If you’ve ever experienced potato chip sandwiches, you will understand when I say that it’s an indescribable textural element; don’t judge it until you’ve tried it.

IMG_8105The Salmon Sushi ($9.50) was beautifully marbled and perfectly fresh – just the right amount of creamy fattiness, set off with a dip of soy.

IMG_8107The Soft Shell Crab Maki from memory was actually called Deep Blue or something similar. Anyway, it was chunks of crunchy soft shell crab meat wrapped up with creamy avocado and more julienned cucumber. The cucumber is julienned so finely here that I actually really don’t mind it, despite it being one of my most disliked vegetables. The flying fish roe added a fresh savoury pop of flavour on your tongue.

IMG_8109And last of all, my absolute favourite sushi: the Blow-torched Salmon Sashimi ($12). Deliciously smoky and drizzled in a generous squeeze of Kewpie and already dipped in soy for you, this place does one of the best seared salmon nigiri I’ve ever had. Just beautiful.

It was with some difficulty that we polished off all of the sushi, and I was terrified of being too full lest I pop out of my dress or fall asleep during my ceremony. My fears were unfounded however, and after the expected kerfuffle in the hour leading up to the ceremony (Where to register? Where do I get my gown, my trencher? I have to fill out a survey? Where are my seats??), it was a wonderful day to celebrate my achievement of finally graduating with a double law degree after five very long years. Hurrah!

P1070803 - CopyHope you’re all having a great start to the week xx

Makiato California Roll House
Shop 1, 370 Pacific Highway
Lindfield, NSW 2070
(02) 9416 6648

Makiato California Roll House on Urbanspoon

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Tina @ bitemeshowme says:

    The sushi looks rather fresh, and that’s always a winner. Congratulations on graduating and goodluck with your new job xx

    1. It certainly tastes fresh too! Thanks again 🙂 xx

  2. irene says:

    Congratulations for the graduation, Cath!

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