Grill’d (Chatswood)

I get cravings, just like any other normal person. While most people who read my blog and follow my food photos will think that my cravings will be for sweets, my dominant craving is not for sweets – but for red meat.

I love nothing more than a good burger, and luckily over the past couple of years there’s been a rise in the development of the ‘gourmet burger’ – meaning you don’t have to head to your local fast food establishment with the smell of grease in the air and receive a pocket-sized burger with a sugar-laden bun, sloppy iceberg lettuce and dubious-looking meat.

I’ve been to Grill’d a couple of times now, but this was the first time I’ve reviewed it. That night I was visiting the Grill’d at Chatswood, near the new Concourse area.

IMG_7965Lara Croft and I were here relatively early for dinner, around 6.00 pm, and the place was a little deserted at that time. It gradually filled up with people coming in after work for a social bite and a medium-sized group of teenagers having a loud birthday get-together in the back corner. The menu is hung up above your head just where you come in, or if you want to take it easy on your neck and not look like an absolute idiot looking upwards with your mouth hanging open, there are clipboard menus available too.

Service is chipper and everyone is young. Obviously a very trendy burger bar. You get a bottle cap in an envelope to go and put in your choice of charity jar. It’s three large jars in the corner with labels and a description of the charities or community groups for the month, whether it be surf lifesaving or to the RSPCA. You’ve got a good meal and you’re also making a donation. Win win, really.

After making our orders, we took our order number and grabbed a table outside where it was a little quieter. Water is self-serve, and we decided to stick with water as we were eyeing up the Rekorderlig Strawberry & Lime slushies churning away at the counter. We were told it would probably be a 20 minute wait, and we were more than happy to wait in much anticipation!

Our food arrived fairly quickly, first being our regular-sized Thyme Chips ($4.50) which Grill’d is well known for.

IMG_7967On the previous occasions I’ve come here, the chips have been a little underseasoned for me, but this time they were perfectly salted with just the right amount of thyme. As we progressed through the chips though, they started getting a bit too salty closer to the bottom and I ended up scraping off the salt off the chips at the bottom in an attempt to reduce my sodium intake.

Our burgers arrived shortly after the chips. I had chosen a burger I’ve previously had and loved, the Crispy Bacon & Cheese ($11.50) in a sourdough bun, with a grass-fed lean beef mince patty, crispy bacon, tasty cheese, salad, relish and herbed mayo.

IMG_7968It was a wonderfully meaty, messy-to-eat burger and I loved every part of it. The mince was still juicy and tender, with the salad being a refreshing contrast and the relish and herbed mayo adding tang and creaminess. There’s nothing I love better than a sourdough bun. And bacon. And cheese.

While they say they do have gluten-free buns available, I’ve been told that the gluten-free buns go on the same conveyor belt into the toaster as the other buns, so there’s the chance they will have traces of gluten from the other buns on them. For those who are truly coeliac instead of just being intolerant, I’d suggest you maybe just stick to the chips.

Lara Croft had also been eyeing up the Crispy Bacon & Cheese but decided to go for something different, being the Front Bar Steak Sandwich ($15.50), which was a grilled 100 per cent grass-fed scotch fillet steak with a free range egg, mesculin, tomato, Spanish onion, mustard, beetroot relish, and herbed mayo, all sandwiched between two pieces of ciabatta bread.

IMG_7970It arrived skewered with a steak knife, which was definitely needed to cut through that baby. The beef was tender and smoky, although I can’t really say much about her steak sandwich as we were both too absorbed with our own burgers to offer to share with one another.

After a brief respite, we went inside to inquire about the Rekorderlig slushies and were told that they were a little runny still, but drinkable. We were impatient and not too fussed, so we agreed to have it a little on the runny side. From memory they were about $8 each.

IMG_7976If you love Rekorderlig’s Strawberry & Lime, you will love these slushies. The flavour is intensified (not watered down in the slightest) and you will simultaneously get a brain-freeze and boozy alcoholic hit at once. Simply amazing – I’m definitely coming back for another!


Grill’d Healthy Burgers
The Concourse
409 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood NSW 2067
(02) 9411 4267

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5 Comments Add yours

  1. Tina @ bitemeshowme says:

    I love their chips, but you’re right, may seem perfect at the start, but towards the end it does get a little overwhelming. Love their herb mayo – the bomb diggity. I find that the burgers here are quite consistent which is what I appreciate. Knowing I can go to any location and have it satisfy my craving, it’s quite comforting. And yes yes yes to those alocholic slushies. Such a great idea 😉

    1. I agree, the burgers are always consistently good! Do you have a regular order?

      1. Tina @ bitemeshowme says:

        To be honest no. Always love trying them all. I think the one I remember the most is the lamb one. Very Moroccan inspired. Loved it.

  2. Miss_5ft0 says:

    Grill’d burgers are the bomb – I love the Simon Says burger, but my aim is to try the majority of the burgers they’ve got on offer. Their fries are great too – though after consuming the burger, it’s a bit much.

    I just wish a Lord of the Fries joint opens up in Sydney soon too.

    1. Oooh I know, all of them always sound so good!

      Actually I’m kind of glad we don’t have a Lord of the Fries in Sydney… I remember those late nights partying in Melbourne I always ended up at Lord of the Fries opposite Flinders Station hahaha.

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