Rekorderlig @ Taste of Sydney

‘Don’t you dare rain!’ I muttered as I slipped on my shoes and hurried out of the house into the creeping dusk. I had been looking forward to this for a week now and rain would just simply ruin the occasion. I was off to Taste of Sydney Festival out at Centennial Park’s Brazilian Fields, and I had been checking the forecast all week. Nonetheless, I wore my flats as I didn’t want to be one of those hilarious women that wear stilettos on damp grass and…well, you know what happens!

Thankfully the grey skies held and in fact cleared up when Lara Croft and myself arrived at the festival. We were looking for the Rekorderlig stand, and really, it wasn’t hard to spot in the slightest with it being the first one you see as soon as you pass through the gates!

IMG_7355Underneath the gorgeous white tent there were the trademark Rekorderlig bright-red bean bags and fold-out chairs scattered around the tent in comfortable small groupings, letting people enjoy the sunset whilst soaking up the atmosphere of the festival with a schooner of sweet cider (or two) in one hand (or two). There was also a DJ there, a ping pong table and a foosball table. Entertainment galore!

???????????????????????????????Hmmmm so much choice…which ones do I want to try??

???????????????????????????????Ultimately, after a fair bit of deliberation, I chose to try the new Passionfruit Rekorderlig and one of my old favourites, the Mango & Raspberry. Lara Croft went with her tried and tested Wild Berry and Apple & Blackcurrant.

???????????????????????????????The Passionfruit Rekorderlig was nothing quite like what I was expecting. When it was being poured, I was astonished to see that it was completely clear in colour and not yellow in the slightest – it looked like lemonade! However upon tasting it, the passionfruit flavour was obviously present but still subtle, not having the cloying sweetness that passionfruit soft drinks leave on your palate. It was clean, crisp and refreshing, and even Lara Croft who didn’t like passionfruit things, enjoyed her taste of it. I wish I had had this around during the stifling summer months!

???????????????????????????????Cider happiness!

IMG_2214After finishing two schooners each we decided to test out the foosball table. I scored two goals completely by accident and then I got thrashed with five goals down my end in a row.

I was never good at team sports in high school….

???????????????????????????????And one must always drink responsibly and make sure you eat! So of course we had a wander around the rest of the festival and consumed various goodies. Here’s what we shared between us two:

IMG_7361Seared Salmon Nigiri with Yuzu Truffle Dressing, from Saké Restaurant & Bar

???????????????????????????????Tonkatsu Cups: Panko-fried pork belly and spring onion bites served in lettuce cups, also from Saké Restaurant & Bar.

???????????????????????????????A Roast Pear and Duck Slider at the Australian Pears Restaurant by Maggie Beer. What a gorgeous brioche bun!

???????????????????????????????And of course, we must always finish with something sweet. Salted Caramel Éclair from Anana’s Bar & Brasserie. Enough said, just looking at the picture, no? The other end of the choux pastry popped open when I was devouring it and creamy salted caramel oozed down my fingers.

So. Much. Love.

Taste of Sydney is unfortunately now over for 2013… *sad face*. Until next year rolls around… then more sampling of some of the best cider and food that our beautiful city of Sydney has to offer!

Confessions of a Glutton was invited to Taste of Sydney as a guest of Rekorderlig Australia, thanks to Ellie MacDiarmid from Exposure PR
Confessions of a Glutton was invited to Taste of Sydney as a guest of Rekorderlig Australia, thanks to Ellie MacDiarmid from Exposure PR

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