It was a cold, blustery Sydney evening and Persian Princess and I were on the search for somewhere to eat around Circular Quay. Our original place of choice was a little too crowded and noisy for our taste, and so I suggested a long-time favourite of mine, Selah, tucked away just down the street from Customs House. While I’ve already posted a review about it previously, its been a while.

We were seated easily in the fairly quiet restaurant without a reservation at 7.00 pm. I was surprised it was so quiet at that time, but it turns out that the restaurant became quite busy later on during the dinner service. I’ve always loved the ambiance here – it’s warm and welcoming with its dark colour scheme and panels of wood, and the dim mood lighting is very relaxing and intimate, although awful for my photos. I’ll apologise now for the graininess of my photos.

1Service was very friendly and good-natured, and attentive to start off with. Unfortunately with the restaurant filling up quickly over the rest of the night, the poor ladies were run off their feet!

I had looked through the menu and while the mains sounded as appetising as ever, what stood out to me was the NSW Food & Wine Festival special – Whiting wrapped scallops, buttered savoy cabbage, crispy jamon & sauce vierge. It sounded absolutely to die for! I was the first person to order it as it was a special for the weekend – how exciting.

It came out presented beautifully and garnished with micro-herbs, eliciting an ‘ooooh’ from us two ladies.

???????????????????????????????Sauce vierge, in case any of you were wondering, is a French sauce made from olive oil, lemon juice, chopped tomato and chopped basil. With the creamy whiting and scallops, the crispy jamon (Spanish word for ham) and the buttery (yet still slightly crunchy) cabbage, it was a perfect dish. The dish was paired with a 2012 Chasing Clouds sauvignon blanc for $40, and it was a lovely accompaniment.

2Persian Princess meanwhile, went for the vegetarian option – not because she’s a vegetarian, but because it simply sounded delicious. It was the Grilled vegetable and potato mille-feuille with smoked mozzarella and a basil pistou ($30).

???????????????????????????????The photo hardly does the dish justice. Each layer of the mille-feuille was tenderly cooked to perfection and delicate yet simultaneously flavoursome. None of the vegetables were overcooked in the slightest, and the fresh salad was a refreshing accompaniment. The only downside was that as the dish cooled, the mozzarella topping on the mille-feuille became a little rubbery.

Quite full but insisting that we must have something sweet to finish our meal, we shared the Apple caramel custard, apple gel, butterscotch mousse and oatmeal ($15).

IMG_7059Apple and caramel are a match made in heaven and this was a celebration of that union. Maybe that’s taking it a bit far. But it WAS delicious and creamy, with the fresh apple slices laid on the bottom making us feel slightly better about having dessert (ha!). Persian Princess also ordered an espresso, which came out very quickly and was good and strong.

3A really lovely restaurant that’s a favourite of mine. Contemporary, unpretentious and relaxed, it’s my ideal dining atmosphere and the food is always lip-smackingly delicious.


12 Loftus Street, Circular Quay NSW 2000
(02) 9247 0097

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  1. thanks for the review. i was wondering if the Apple caramel custard, apple gel, butterscotch mousse and oatmeal was any good. sounds like a winner.

    1. Almost like a deconstructed apple crumble! Hope you have a wonderful meal there, Simon 🙂

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