T2 Tea Blossom

Last night was a night I had been greatly anticipating for some time – a night out with the Zumba girls from my gym. The usual group of friends that I head out with are the type who refuse to get on the dance floor until they have had at least six or so drinks down their gullets, so I was keen to party with some girls who naturally love to dance in a state of sobriety.

We went to a Latin club down at King Street Wharf, and the night was great fun, all of us dancing with different guys who expected nothing more than a dance. I picked up the hands of a new partner and while we twirled around, we chatted and exchanged names, and what we did. I told him I was an ex-law student, and upon telling him that, he asked me how he could ‘get rid’ of his criminal conviction.

Okaayyy, I thought. Maybe it’s time to make myself scarce.

Other than that, a great night was had although I’m feeling a little worse for wear this morning. Or afternoon, to be precise, as I slept in until 12 noon after getting home at 4.00 am. And I’ve always found that the best ‘morning-after’ remedy is a pot of hot, detoxifying green tea.

The Sister had gone to T2 yesterday and picked up this delightful little package:

The T2 Blossom: Chrysanthemum Burst was a $5 package, a combination of green tea and a chrysanthemum flower. You can also get the blossoms in a variety of other delicate flower flavours.

You pour hot water (80 degrees Celcius – do NOT use boiling hot water, you are an absolute fool for using boiling water with green tea) before placing one of these buds into the teapot.

And then watch it bloom!

It looks a little scary when you look up close at it.

The flavour is incredibly light and delicate, with a refreshing taste of chrysanthemum. Two cups of this and I felt revitalised once more. For those that like ‘builder’s tea’ and heavier flavoured black teas, this isn’t the type of tea for you. However the delight is also due to the novelty of seeing the flower open up before your eyes –  I wish I had taken photos as it was opening up, so you could all see how amazing it was! Fully opened, it really does look like a growing underwater plant; an effect you can only truly appreciate with a clear teapot.

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend, lovelies! x

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  1. Jina @ Soy and Ginger says:

    That’s real pretty! This post has reminded me I’ve got some flower tea from China still sitting in my room – better give it a try 🙂 Hope you had a lovely Christmas xo

    1. Thanks, Jina! I hope you had a delightful Christmas as well x

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