Sweetness the Patisserie

It’s about time that I finished up my Christmas shopping, and with the majority of it done, I just had to buy the ‘finishing touches’, so to speak. I was due for a visit to Sweetness the Patisserie.

Sweetness the Patisserie has been on Epping’s Oxford Street for at least a couple of years, founded by Gena Karpf, who has trained both in France and graduated from Sydney’s Le Cordon Bleu with a Diplome de Patisserie (Hons). The shop is a delightful addition to the Oxford Street strip, situated at the end of the stores (furthest away from the train station) and painted an old-fashioned pale green on the outside with a homely screen door.

The shop is filled with shelves and shelves of goodies all freshly-made on site. Christmas gingerbread, honeycomb, rocky road, caramel popcorn, fudge and various types of cookies and macarons, all gift wrapped in the most adorable way. Most products are gluten free, with some also dairy-free. Many of the products have won awards at a variety of food shows and competitions – it’s amazing how many there are!

Might I also add that they have an open kitchen? You can view the pastry chefs continuously rolling out goodies throughout the day, and the shop is filled with the most AMAZING smells. Burning sugar for caramel, butter biscuits baking… Originally I was just going to come in for a few packets of their renown marshmallows, but with the smell making my mouth water, I had no choice but to get one of the little cakes on display!

I restrained myself with a lot of difficulty and limited myself to one cake. Just one. I had a little Lemon & Almond Buttermilk loaf ($4.50).

It was deliciously moist, buttery and full of sunny lemon flavour. It wasn’t even dry when I ate the other half the next day.

But the main reason I had visited Sweetness was for their marshmallows. Sweet Mallows are fresh, luxurious handmade marshmallows available in a variety of different flavours, made from fruit purees, juices, oils and zests, freshly brewed espresso, pure extracts, vanilla beans and rose water. They’re nut, gluten, egg and dairy-free, and with the exception of the Chocolate & Toasted Coconut, they’re 100% fat free! What a guilt-free treat!

The mallows are available in a variety of different packs, from small to large gift packs, with either a selection of mallows or a few larger blocks of the same flavour. Sweetness also sells packs of the marshmallow off-cuts at a bargain price – and they are still just as delicious!

I had bought a number of the small gift bags, with each bag being $9 and with quite a generous little pack of the delightful things.

I had also bought a packet for myself…and if you want proof the marshmallows are fresh? Here you go. A passion fruit seed I found!

A splendid little patisserie ideal for picking up gifts for loved ones, friends and family, as well as sneaking a little treat for yourself! Make sure you come on by 🙂

Sweetness the Patisserie
38 Oxford St, Epping NSW 2121
(02) 9869 3800

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. chocolatesuze says:

    love sweetness marshmallows esp the passionfruit!

    1. The passionfruit is my favourite too!

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