T2 Tea House Macquarie

With my sensitive disposition towards coffee, over my lifetime I’ve developed a severe addiction to tea. Of any blend, of any flavour. A light, fruity iced sensation in the warmer months, or a hot, fortifying and steaming cuppa when the winter chill bites. With milk or without, I love the variety of different teas that are available nowadays to suit your varying moods.

I’m a regular at T2 tea shops, even going so far as to become a recent card-carrying member to join their loyalty club. However, I haven’t visited their tea houses very often. When the tea house first opened in Macquarie, I was prone to popping in there before early morning uni classes and getting a Sencha green tea takeaway. Another incident I had a French Earl Grey (which was lovely), and a cupcake which was rather dry. The last time I had lunch there was over a year ago and it must have been pretty ordinary, as I do not have the slightest recollection of what it was that I ate or drank.

With a long-overdue catch up in order with my friend, Dancing Queen, we agreed to have lunch here and I was willing to give this place another shot. Surprisingly, it wasn’t very full for a lunch service, as I’ve passed this place many times and seen it overflowing. I quite like the decor, with the dim-lighting, shaded curtains, and red and black furniture. The place almost has an opium-den feel. Not that I’ve ever been in one, of course…

Once you order, you’re given a gorgeous teapot for an order marker. I don’t quite know how the system works as I couldn’t see a visible number on the pot – do they note down the teapot’s design? The colour?

Our teas arrived first, both of us having ordered the Moroccan Mint Tea ($6). I had the iced version (to the left), while Dancing Queen had ordered the hot version (right). Both are a combination of mint tea and T2’s infamous Turkish Apple blend, as well as a citrus burst from some lemon and some apple juice.

Dancing Queen’s Vegetarian Frittata ($9.50) then arrived, a generous wedge served with a side of green salad topped with toasted almonds. The frittata was full of mushrooms, tender chunks of potato, and tomato. I swiped a bite, and while it was fresh and cooked well, I found it a little under-seasoned and wouldn’t have been able to finish much of the wedge had I ordered it.

I had received a glowing recommendation of the roast beef sandwich from my other friend A-Dawg, and so as soon as I saw it up on the chalkboard menu, I ordered it straight away without hesitation. Generally I tend to avoid sandwiches when eating out as frankly, anyone can make a good sandwich so long as you have the right ingredients, but I took a gamble this time. It was a rare roast beef toasted sandwich with shaved Parmesan, chargrilled capsicum, thyme mayo, and rocket ($9.50) and also came with a side of green salad with toasted almonds.

Bursting with flavour, not dry in the slightest, the beef tender and moist. Looooved the thyme mayo. Without a doubt, hands down, the best roast beef sandwich I have ever had! Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner 🙂

I had cast my eye earlier over the sweets cabinet but nothing really held my interest, and after finishing the epic sandwich, I was quite content to let my belly have a rest and digest properly. But it was an excellent lunch and I’m very sure I’ll be back again!

T2 Tea House Macquarie
Shop 440 Macquarie Shopping Centre
Herring & Waterloo Roads, North Ryde, NSW 2113
(02) 9888 3665

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  1. I’ve been wanting to go here for ages so thanks for the review about the food! I knew that the tea would be good but I wasn’t as sure about the food but it sounds delicious 🙂

    1. Cath says:

      The food is nothing fancy, but a well-made sandwich is so good for the soul at times! 🙂

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