Macquarie University Law Ball 2012

Friday night was the night many law students look forward to over the whole year. The opportunity to start the night all classy-like and dressed up, before drinking copious amounts of alcohol and ending up scattered around the city by 3 am in the morning. My attendance has been meagre at most of these events, however with this being my last year, my friends and myself thought it was appropriate that we make a showing, especially as it was at the swanky Four Seasons Hotel in Circular Quay.

And doesn’t everyone look so nice all dressed up? 🙂 Here’s me with an especially tall, dark and handsome friend of mine.

Upon sitting down, the first thing I promptly grabbed was not my wine glass, but in fact the dinner menu. As my friends said: “So predictable!”

Now you’re probably thinking, that’s a darn good looking dinner ahead of you! I’m afraid I thought the same thing, but the majority of the meal proved otherwise. Because this was a catered event rather than me going to the Four Seasons’ signature restaurant, Kables, I don’t think it’s fair for me to write a proper review, and so this entry is only categorised under ‘Events’.

I didn’t take any of the bread, seeing that they were plain rolls instead of something a little more exotic. I’m the type who likes to leave space for all three courses…unless sourdough is served, of course!

The entrees came out speedily, being the Crab, Smoked Garlic & Mascarpone Ravioli with Pecorino Cheese, Chives & Light Shellfish Cream.

It was a tasty entree, the ravioli not overcooked. I quite enjoyed the micro-herbs on top and the shellfish cream, mopping it up generously with bite-sized pieces of my pasta.

The most disappointing meal of the night were the mains, hands down, regardless of what option you received. I had the beef main, which was cooked medium-well (how pub steak should be cooked, not a quality cut!). I was a little iffy about the two huge pieces of eschalots on top of it, and it was lacking in presentation that a reasonable bistro would exceed on.

I swiped a bit of my friend’s spatchcock and found it a tad dry, which I guess is easy to overcook with it being a baby chicken and all!

The vegetarian option had to be the least impressive. My friend The Selective Vegetarian complained that ‘I always get mushroom risotto!’ and made other complaints that I won’t reproduce here. Upon tasting a little, I had to concede that it was one of the worst risottos I’ve ever had – gluggy, mushy, and tasteless. Neither of us were too impressed with the presentation either…

Between mains and dessert, we all got up for an enthusiastic twirl around the dance floor, with everyone getting particularly enthusiastic when Gangnam Style came on (predictably). But when I spied dessert being placed on the table, I zipped between the tables and was seated before you could bat an eyelid!

What a pretty tasting plate! Kathy expressed some confusion in how to eat it, whether to take an element from each and eat it altogether, but I reassured her that she could eat the elements separately if she wished. The best thing on the plate was the blood orange sorbet, hands down. The cheesecake to the right was average, the macaron passable although with a fudgier texture than your usual macaron, which is supposed to have a ‘light as air’ texture, and the lemon meringue tart was disappointing! I love lemon curd that makes you momentarily cringe, and this had no cringe-factor whatsoever, not to mention the little pastry shell tasting rather floury instead of buttery.

I was also a little put out that when the waiters went around offering tea and coffee, that when I asked for peppermint tea and was assured I would get it ASAP, it never arrived. Never! I had to entertain myself through other means for the rest of the night.

Yes, that, er, was the table centrepiece.

All in all, it was a slightly below-average dining experience, but the excitement leading up to and preparing for the event, not to mention being able to see your friends all dolled up and spend a reasonably classy night with them was the highlight! Hopefully when I’m back one day to check out Kables here, the dining experience will be a far cry from anything I had on the night.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tina Tek says:

    I totally agree. The entree wasn’t bad, the mains? Enough said…though wine kept me happy =)

    1. Cath says:

      My gosh I remember getting so excited after the entrees – what an anticlimax…

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