Tablespoon Cafe

Brunch is one of those meals where you know that whatever you order off the menu, you can never go wrong. There is the use of classic ingredients: fresh eggs, crispy charred bacon, soft yet crusty aromatic sourdough, crunchy salad leaves of peppery rocket and tender baby spinach, smoky and silky slabs of sunset-pink smoked salmon. Flavours are uncomplicated, and so all you can taste is the simple freshness of the produce you’re digging into with gusto.

I’m fortunate enough to have one of the best places I’ve ever found for brunch located in my very own suburb. I was surprised that I only discovered this place early last year, and since then its been the regular place for coffee and a casual laid back brunch with the girls. Tablespoon is located on the Franklins side of the railway tracks, and situated behind the large car park. Seating is available both outside and inside, and the outside seats are particularly lovely during a late Sunday morning of bright spring sunshine. People often drop by for a lazy coffee after walking their dogs or after picking the kids up from one extra-curricular activity or another. That’s life in the suburbs for you 😉

Persian Princess and I were long overdue for a catch up, and originally she said she would be up for a ‘foodie adventure’ with me. While I had a few places in Glebe and Darlinghurst in mind, I was going to be in the city Saturday night into the early hours of Sunday morning and guessed correctly that I might not be in the mood for an early trek back into the city and so suggested our local instead. Outdoor seating means you can keep your sunglasses on to protect sensitive night-after eyes…. bonus! *thumbs up*

Their coffee comes from a Digabriel coffee blend, and definitely isn’t the cheapest, being $3.70 for a small-sized skim latte, however it’s smooth, flavour-some, non-burnt and the coffee comes out speedily.

Being here with a girl, all we could manage was one main meal each. I’ve had the Corn Fritters ($16.90) before and love the combination of the simple flavours, and so I re-ordered them. It’s a stack of two corn fritters layered with either a choice of bacon or smoked salmon (I opted for salmon), with a hearty scoop of smashed avocado and generous sprinkle of fresh dill. Seasoned with freshly cracked pepper and a lot of enthusiastic lemon-wedge-squeezing on my behalf, it was a delightful brunch.

Persian Princess went for a new addition to their menu, which was the American-style hot dog which came with shoestring French fries and a shot-glass of ketchup ($16.90).

She proclaimed it ‘very American’ with her first taste, with the Chernobyl-yellow squiggle of mustard, the freshly-toasted roll split with a fat frankfurt, a sprinkle of cheddar cheese and grilled onions. The shoestring fries were probably a bit too small and fiddly and so us two girls only managed to nibble our way through half of the bowl. Salty and crispy, they were your standard shoestring fries and nothing too particularly stand-out.

A pleasant place for a laid-back weekend catch-up… Maybe I’ll see you there one Sunday, trusty sunglasses on 😉

Tablespoon Cafe
12 Tryon Road, Lindfield NSW 2070
(02) 9416 2565


3 Comments Add yours

  1. grabyourfork says:

    Yum – can’t beat awesome corn fritters, but having a hot dog for brunch sounds like a pretty good idea too 🙂

    1. Cath says:

      Sunday morning hangover hotdog? Maybe it’s trying to start a trend 😉

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