Baked Eggs

‘I’m siiiiiiick,’ I wailed to mum yesterday morning. I was devastated to say the least, as after watching Contagion last year, I’ve been über meticulous about washing my hands all winter, everywhere I go, especially as I catch the train to and from work almost every day. I had managed to get through two and a half months of winter without a sniffle or throat tickle, when BOOM it comes on in the last couple of weeks of winter.

Probably the only good side of being sick is it being good for your figure, as you completely lose your appetite. The problem is, I just have a sandpaper-sore throat and my sense of smell is still fine; so I can still SMELL how AMAZING everything is! Having a mum that’s an ex-nurse, she’s always dictated to me the foods to stay away from when you have a sore throat, being:

  • Anything too spicy;
  • Anything too sweet;
  • Anything too salty;
  • Anything that’s fried;
  • Anything too acidic;
  • Any seafood;
  • Too much dairy.

Well doesn’t that just take the fun out of everything! 😦

After a late night, I woke up about 9.30 this morning and needed to make something for a speedy brunch before uni. Something quick, healthy and filling. I eyed the dozen fresh free range eggs I had in the fridge as well as a bag of leftover baby spinach leaves and decided to throw something together quickly.

I’m not going to list the exact amount of ingredients you should put in here as it is so simple and versatile. It’s so simple I normally wouldn’t even bother blogging about this!

You can use slices of fresh tomato or torn pieces of sun dried tomatoes, any deli meat, smoked salmon, replace the vintage cheddar with Parmesan if you like.

Wash and trim two stalks of asparagus before placing them in a dish and pour over enough boiling hot water to cover them. After 15 seconds or so, throw in a handful of baby spinach leaves into the water as well. Wait 10-20 seconds until wilted, then drain the whole lot. The asparagus should be bright green at this stage. Squeeze the excess water from the spinach and arrange at the bottom of a ramekin greased lightly with olive oil.

I had a jar of Sandhurst Char-grilled Capsicum pieces in thyme olive oil, so I tore two pieces up and put them in too.

And because cheese is the best thing ever, I shaved a little vintage cheddar over the top.

Crack two eggs over the top and season with salt and pepper.

Put it under the grill to bake until the whites have turned…well…white (lol); you know what I mean! In the meantime, if you have any bread, butter and toast it. I was lucky enough to find some sourdough in the freezer, which I slathered luxuriously in some creamy avocado. While rummaging through the cupboards I also found my beloved bottle of white truffle oil so I put a few drops over the top of the baked eggs and my toast.

Gooey yolks!

Healthy, fast and satisfying 🙂 And more importantly, food that I can eat and enjoy while sick!

Anyone got any tried and tested cold remedies they want to share?

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