Wasabi Bistro

I say, brrrr, it’s cold in here! It has been downright FREEZING this week, with maximum temps during the day barely hovering at 16 degrees, and the wind chill making it seem even colder. Currently in the house, it’s an icy 11 degrees, so I’ve got my little heater in my room humming noisily beside me.

Not quite the weather for a cold cider and sushi, but that was the situation yesterday evening. My girlfriend Kirsty bought a Groupon voucher for the two of us to go to Wasabi Bistro for an All-You-Can-Eat (two people for $35) during exams, and it was one of our primary motivations for finishing exams! Over the last week I did a bit of research over Eatability and was a bit dubious about the amount of negative and recent reviews, but there was hardly anything we could do about it with the voucher already bought.

Anyway, we greeted one another at Town Hall Station before making the long trek up Oxford Street. We were gossiping away quite happily up the main street when we saw a middle-aged man emerge from a convenience store, and another middle-aged man walk up to him, and then promptly grab him on the crotch. It was not even 5pm! Ah, the joys of Oxford Street.

After we established where it was, we were still early so we decided to put our feet up and have a drink in the closest bar, Kinselas. I was delighted to discover that they had a cider flavour I hadn’t ever tried nor seen before, Bulmer’s Blackcurrant.

It was a massive bottle! 500 ml ($12), and neither of us managed to finish it, as fruity and delicious as it was. It was also a lovely purple-pink colour.

Somewhat tipsy, we then headed over to Wasabi for our 6pm booking. We were seated quickly, and presented with the All-You-Can-Eat menu. We were quite impressed; I was of the impression that with an All-You-Can-Eat, you would be getting the cheap sushi varieties, but they had wagyu, and even my favourite: grilled salmon nigiri! My sister had warned me previously that with some restaurants using the Scoopon/Groupon All-You-Can-Eats, they had the rule that you could only order one dish at a time. When I queried the waiter on it, he said that wasn’t the case here, and asked if we wanted to start off with one of everything on the menu. OKAY we declared happily.

The Tiger Roll came out within ten minutes of us ordering and my goodness; I never would have, in my life, ever imagined that Bechamel sauce would go with sushi – but go it did. I got a picture of the one we ordered the second round, as it was prettier:

This was soon followed by the first lot of assorted sushi. I actually tried the salmon despite my long-time aversion to sashimi, and I quite liked it! Do I see an acquired taste happening….

The teriyaki chicken was all right, nothing special although the chicken was nicely seasoned and still warm when it came to the table. At this point, we also got our complimentary glass of house white and warm sake, and both of us had a nip of the sake and declared it frightfully potent. It barely got touched for the remainder of the meal.

Aaaaaand the one I had been waiting for, the grilled salmon! Om nom nom. Unfortunately it was a bit of a let down; the rice was slightly ‘gluggy’ and the salmon not half as ‘smoky’ as I like it, but it was still quite nice. When we ordered it the second time around, the rice came out better.

The Dynamite roll came out next, and I wasn’t too impressed with this one. It had a nice crunchy texture, that’s all I can say. At this point, our water had run out and it took us absolutely ages, about 15 minutes, to flag down the waiter for a refill. The restaurant had become quite crowded at this point, and the waitstaff were running to and fro like headless chooks. It was even more confusing as half of them weren’t wearing staff uniforms, and I didn’t want to flag down a complete stranger and then it turn out that they weren’t waitstaff at all!

The second lot of assorted sashimi then arrived, and we both looked aghast at the OCTOPUS sashimi… Kirsty squealed: “It has a sucker thingy!” and a sucker thingy it did have indeed. I promptly wolfed down the seaweed salad and fish roe while she struggled with the octopus, bravely getting it down, followed by a theatrical shudder of distaste.

And the final plate to arrive from the first lot was very nice – the Wagyu Beef Tataki rolls had the most beautiful melt-in-your mouth, pink little pieces of Wagyu beef on each. Match made in heaven ❤

Oh, and in our second order we also had another assorted sashimi, the first, rather than the second (with the nasty octopus).

OH MY GOSH, so full….. We finally declared defeat and left the premises, deciding to walk it off back to Town Hall rather than being lazy and catching a bus. We also stated that despite our love of sweets, we were simply too far gone to fit in dessert. Although I did devour two scoops of Chocolate Fudge ice cream when I got home (I don’t know about Kirsty), before settling down with a big mug of hot peppermint tea.

Hmmm… sushi binge over. I don’t think I’ll be having sushi again for a while. At least, not until the end of this week 😉

New macaron flavour coming soon, lovers! Keep your eyes peeled xx

Wasabi Bistro
8/423 Bourke Street, Surry Hills NSW
(02) 9357 2076

Wasabi Bistro

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  1. cruellapoppy says:

    What an impressive range of delicious looking sushi you had!

    1. Cath Chen says:

      It was absolutely delicious! I was pleasantly surprised at the large range as well 🙂

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