Cruise Bar & Restaurant

Who’s been to see the Vivid light festival this year? Would you believe that this was actually the first time I’ve ever been since the festival has started? Circular Quay was packed to the brim full of people, as the Museum of Contemporary Art was doing a light show on the front of the gallery. I had a reservation at Cruise Bar and Restuarant after purchasing a Scoopon where I paid $30 and they would take $70 off my overall bill; what a bargain, considering its location! I had chosen this week in particular as I had heard about the spectacular views from the restaurant.

It seemed there were quite a lot of people using Scoopons tonight, my friend G and I got seated in the ‘Scoopon’ section. I wasn’t too fazed, we still had a view of the Quay. Seats were comfortable, but the table was a bit low for my liking. Waitresses were chipper, polite, one had an accent that was a little hard to understand.

G bought the drinks as I had paid for the voucher, and he got a beer (I forget the name of it, I’m not a beer drinker), while he took my request of ‘cider’ to the counter and came back with the only cider the establishment had:

I’ve never had Pink Lady Cider before, and I have to say that it was the nicest cider I’ve ever had! It was slightly pink in colour, sweet and rosy. I’ll definitely make a point of looking for it in the future.

G ordered the roast chicken breast ($32), which came with roast vegetables and a balsamic dressing.

Their menu at the restaurant is slightly different to the one posted on their website.

He was very happy with it and demolished it in record time, and then later complained of indigestion. Honestly, men.

I ordered the 300gm Gympie Grain Fed Rib Eye, red wine & eschalot butter, watercress & grilled tomatoe, cooked medium. G was MOST impressed; a girl that drank cider and ate steak! Although I lost points for not ordering it medium rare. The judgmental tosser.

I wish I had, as it came out more well-done and the whole lot looked a bit like a mess on a plate, something you would get at your local pub, rather than paying $38 (or $15, I kept telling myself) for it.

The steak was a tad on the gristly side, the watercress undressed, the grilled tomato cold, and the coleslaw (which was not on the menu), was refreshing but had too much sauce. Definitely not a dish I’d pay $38 for.

After settling the bill of ZERO we departed and headed promptly over to Baroque for me to introduce G to macarons. And yes, I’ve converted yet another soul whose life was devoid of light until he sank his teeth into his first salted caramel macaron.

And while we’re on the topic of these delectable delicacies, I’ll let you know that I’m planning on experimenting and making Earl Grey macarons this weekend! So excited, yet frightened. I’ve had my own share of macaron failures in the past and I’m trying a different recipe this time. Have your fingers crossed for me, lovers! Will definitely let you know how they turn out xx

Cruise Bar & Restaurant
Level 1-3, Overseas Passenger Terminal, CirculayQuay Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9251 1188

Cruise Bar & Restaurant

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