Makoto Sushi Bar (Chatswood)

I’ve been to this place more times than I can count, but this is the first time I’ve been back since I’ve started this blog, so I thought it was worth an entry to let all you know what a gem of a sushi train we have on this side of the Harbour Bridge.

This sushi bar holds a soft spot in my heart in that it’s the first ever sushi train I’ve ever visited, and I still stand by my view that it is the best sushi train I’ve ever had (prove me wrong!). Their sushi train in the city isn’t half as good in terms of value, presentation and quality. I do enjoy the Japanese way of dining where they have individual seating in sushi bars and in most teppanyaki/ramen restuarants, as it means you can go in solo for a good quality meal, without looking like a total loner at a table for two.

I remember when I first visited Makoto that I was ecstatic desserts were also available on the train, and what I would do (not being a big sushi eater back then – and I still don’t eat sashimi as the texture reminds me of fatty pork belly) was eat one plate of prawn tempura sushi (panko-crumbed, topped with Japanese mayo and chives – amazing) before methodically plowing through each of the dessert plates. However after a year or so, I was fortunate to discover the delights of grilled salmon sushi, and this is my favourite place for it, all smoky from being incinerated by blowtorch, yet still remaining succulent and semi-cooked.

You can also order udon noodle soup and various types of tempura here, but I prefer to go to some other Japanese restaurants down the road which I know do them better.

I just dropped in for a quick bite of lunch after uni so I only had three plates (also, I was unprepared so I didn’t have my camera..these are all taken with my iPhone)… Usually if I’m here for dinner I’d go through at least eight without breaking a sweat (before I begin on dessert!). Plates are priced accordingly: $2.80 for beige, $3 for teal, $3.80 for dark blue, $4.80 for red, $5.80 for black, $6.80 for gold and $7.50 for the blue and white. The latter two are usually for the best cuts of salmon sashimi.

So to begin! Grilled salmon was first, of course:

I then ordered one of the Teriyaki Salmon hand rolls off the a la carte menu, as nothing beats fresh, crackly nori sheets. Nicely cooked through still-hot salmon with some light teriyaki sauce and crisp lettuce, and a large piece of capsicum (which I disposed of – I have issues with capsicum):

And then finally to finish off, a soft shell crab roll topped with prawn nigiri. Tangy fish eggs are dispersed throughout the roll, as well as a lashing of sweet chilli sauce:

I also had hot green tea, which was $3 for an unlimited amount of refills.

Polite service, a clean, friendly environment and quality sushi. One of my favourite haunts; maybe I’ll see you here sometime 😉

Makoto Sushi Bar
336 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood NSW 2067
(02) 9411 1838


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