Sushi Choo – All You Can Eat $25

Oink oink, little piggies!! So this Thursday night was supposed to revolve all around my recent discovery of Adriano Zumbo’s dessert train at The Star (I mean, seriously, how I did not hear about this earlier, I DON’T KNOW). I had a slight planning fail where I asked the whole of my Facebook who wanted to come with me and I had about five replies of YES from five people who didn’t know one another. Upon seeing that there were only 16 seats available at the Zumbo train, I was in a dilemma. You simply just cannot take five people to any sort of food train and expect to be seated together.

Anyway, in order to be tacful, I ended up inviting a mate, and thought that to be sensible, we should probably do some sort of light dinner beforehand. Then I heard Sushi Choo did a $25 All You Can Eat lunch and dinner special on weekdays, and I was so incredulous that this was in the ridiculously pretentious IVY MERIVALE complex that I just had to go. I’m still in search of the best sushi train in the Sydney CBD – any suggestions?

The Ivy complex really confuses me, and the good-looking employees standing around uselessly carrying clipboards just confuses me even more. Anyway, we found our way there and the place is very nicely decorated, although decidedly more Chinese than Japanese if it weren’t for the bonsai. Culture clash??? Little Astro Boys, Fortune Cats & Fortune piggies sitting around everywhere. Nice mood lighting.

I had read on some other blogs that Sushi Choo was a bit stingy on their selection during the All You Can Eat period, so I came expecting very little…

Started with your ordinary chicken & avocado:

Moved onto some healthy snacking food – edamame beans! I mean, you could just go to any Chinese grocer and get a whole bag of frozen beans, but are you seriously going to eat a whole bag of beans yourself at home?

And DUMPLINGS. These dumplings were so good. So good I had three plates of them. They had two types – ones on a red plate and these ones on the black, but they tasted exactly the same to me… Couldn’t really identify what was in them, it was just tasty mush. Tasty mush, mmmm…

Some prawn tempura with panko breadcrumbs…

And as there was ten minutes left on the All You Can Eat (the girl kept dropping by and counting down the time), I quickly grabbed some prawn nigiri, which I usually avoid as I find it a bit tasteless.

And just as I finished it, the girl came over once again to inform us that the All You Can Eat was officially over…just as I saw the conveyor belt start dishing out the GOOD stuff. I find it a bit strange that they bring out the good stuff after 7.30 pm, when most people would have already had dinner?

Overall, nice setting and service, didn’t have to keep asking for a water refill. The $25 All You Can Eat is a good deal if you don’t mind re-eating multiple dishes, and it’s fair quality.

Sushi Choo
330 George St, Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9420 3000
Now Closed

Sushi Choo

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