San Churro Chocolateria (Chatswood)

So thanks to watching Heston make potato doughnuts last week, I’ve had a mad craving for Spanish churros all week. Finally had the opportunity to get some while out with Kirsty doing some market research on new laptops…

My eyes definitely overestimated my sweet-tooth. I ordered not only churros for one but also a Madrid Mocha – a classic Spanish hot chocolate with a shot of espresso. I was expecting it to come out with the consistency of, you know, your average cafe where it’s just powder whisked into hot milk, but this was more the consistency of molten chocolate with that glorious espresso pick-me-up.


When the churros arrived, they were golden, crunchy, and dusted with icing sugar as light as a fairy’s footsteps (how deceiving lol). Pulled apart and dipped into the little pot of molten milk chocolate – it was like I had died and gone to heaven.


But I had definitely overestimated my sweet tooth (who would have thought Miss Cath could only stand so much chocolate???) and finishing it was a struggle worthy of an Olympic gold (although I certainly didn’t feel like I had the stomach worthy of an Olympic gold afterwards).

Churros craving appeased.

San Churro Chocolateria
Westfield Chatswood, 1 Anderson Street  Chatswood NSW 2067
(02)9412 2276

Chocolateria San Churro

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