I have a friend who I used to study law with and has since transferred to another uni to complete her studies, but we always make sure we catch up regularly…over food. Sadly, our mutual love of food was only discovered when we parted, but upon realising this, there has been much exploration made in the foodie world together. Because of our combined love of all things caramel, for the purposes of this blog her pseudonym is Caramel Diva.

My sister recently found a nice restaurant in the city and after looking at the menu and reviews, I was astonished that I had never heard of Selah before. Needless to say, it required some investigation. I consulted Caramel Diva and with her eager assent after checking out the menu online, we made it a date.

We went in for a weekday lunch, and the place was next to empty. Modern, warm decor with lots of dark timber. Being my age, I’ve found eating out at fine dining restuarants (particularly in Sydney) a little difficult to not get patronising service. While the waitress wasn’t cold, I did find her somewhat distant and it took a while for me to get her attention so that I could make my order. The food also took some time to come out (which was strange as there were only two other tables).

I had the duck risotto (on the entree menu, but I had it as a main-size). Lovely little morsels of duck buried amongst the fragrant rice, it was everything a well-cooked risotto should be.

Tamanna had the snapper fillet, which came with an absolute flood of sauce, as you can see:

Absolutely nothing I could fault with either dishes – both well-cooked! Time for the most important course – dessert….

Have you ever seen anything prettier? When I first saw the menu, I thought – why would I order a simple quenelle of vanilla mousse?? Upon the recommendation of my sister though, I decided to go with it and I was sure glad I had. Silky vanilla bean mousse with strawberry meringue kisses, crystallised rose petals, and strawberry and rosewater jellies. Heaven!

But Tamanna’s dessert…. WOW.

It was without a doubt the most impressive Bombe Alaska I’ve ever seen in my life. When I showed this picture to my sister however, she said that the one that she had had the night she went didn’t look anything like this – the meringue had simply been put on with a spatula. Most likely they had more time this afternoon due to less customers and so felt a little more creative with it. I’m glad they did 🙂

Tamanna took a while demolishing it though, as despite it being incredibly delicious, it was very, very sweet.

About three-quarters of the way through dessert, we noticed a very strong burning smell coming from the kitchen and decided to head off. I briefly visited the restrooms and can’t say I was too impressed… they seemed to share the restrooms with an establishment next door that had a pokie room.. I’m not quite sure where that led, but didn’t take that tumble down the rabbit hole that afternoon.

Beautiful food…. and while I wasn’t expecting a fine-dining experience (and it certainly doesn’t fit the standard of places like Quay or Rockpool), it could be a lot more polished.

12 Loftus Street, Circular Quay, Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9247  0097


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