Max Brenners (St Ives)

Happy 22nd Birthday to my gorgeous girlfriend Lara Croft! She was going to be boring and sit at her boyfriend’s home all day to study, but I insisted on taking her out for a treat. As she was around St Ives, I suggested we hit up Max Brenners for a chocolate fix.

She had the Tutti Frutti waffles and was very happy with them…

While I had a peanut butter shake and the chocolate souffle…

My gosh that PB shake… I swear I died and went to heaven with that first sip… But I was yet to cut into that ‘souffle’ (which, in all honestly, was more like a chocolate fondant when you see the picture below…)

Ooooooh baby 😀

Great place for a chocolate fix down this area of the North Shore… It can get ridiculously crowded with teenagers on weekday nights, but during the day (if you can make it), it’s a lovely place for a catch up with your other sweet-toothed buddies.

Max Brenner
235 Mona Vale Road, St Ives NSW 2075
(02) 9988 0700

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

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